Mining for gold in Soulmask
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How to Get Gold Ore in Soulmask

Go for Gold!

There are plenty of mining materials you’ll need to craft in Soulmask. Clay, Tin, and Copper may be the most common and most accessible of the bunch to find, but you’ll need rarer materials like Gold for the best crafting gear. It’s harder to come across Gold, but here are some spots to look at.

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Where to Find Gold Ore in Soulmask

Gold is a rarer ore to collect because you won’t find it as easily as some of the others. Unlike Copper or even Tin, which you can mine from deposits in big batches, you’ll come across it more by chance. There are two main ways we suggest getting some: By mining Iron deposits and searching chests at enemy camps.

How to Get Gold Ore from Iron Deposits

One way you can come across Gold is by mining Iron Ore deposits. Just like you can occasionally receive pieces of Silver or Tin in Copper deposits, you can receive Gold in Iron. However, if you’re looking to track down Iron Ore, you’ll need to venture further out into the desert.

You can find Iron Ore deposits by heading northwest from the Saber-Toothed Predator Ancient Pyramid and making your way into the desert. Between the desert and snowy biome, there is a stretch of deposits where you can mine and collect Iron and, if you’re lucky, Gold.

How to Get Gold Ore From Barbarian Chests

Another way to find Gold is by searching in Barbarian camps and dungeons. Once you progress out of the starter isle, chests at these locations will hold much more valuable items. It may take wiping out the whole camp to loot the chests, but it’ll be worth it to pick up the Gold you need.

The best place to look for Gold in chests is in the Rocky Bottomland, The Wild, and Pit Hill regions of the map. You’ll find this isle by heading west from the starting isle and crossing over the water. Starting in this biome, you’ll come across a lot more Gold in chests. You’ll want to head to any of the camps or barracks in these locations first. However, some players also reported getting some Gold in the big Claw Tribe Barracks just Southeast of the Saber-Toothed Predator Pyramid as well.

At these locations, look for any chests, whether they be made of wood or stone, and hold E on them to open them up. Sometimes, you’ll have to clear away all the nearby enemies so you can open them. Bring along some Tribesmen for help (or even just to distract them) so you can loot the chest with fewer issues.

You can also look for any Gold Trinkets at these locations, sometimes found in chests or on the Barbarians at their camps. You can melt down the trinkets at your Furnace and use them just like ore to turn into Gold Ingots.

How to Make Gold Ingots

Once you have some Gold Ore or Gold Trinkets, return to your camp and ensure you have a Furnace if you don’t already. Then, interact with it to start adding in your Gold. You’ll need a source of fuel like wood or charcoal to fire it up, then place your Gold Ore and Trinkets in the inventory.

It will cost two Gold Ores or two Gold Trinkets to make one Gold Ingot. However, you’ll need to have the Gold refined into ingots for more crafting recipes, so you’ll want to melt it down as much as you can.

After you make your Gold Ingots, you’ll be all set to make other great gear like new armor, mask upgrades, and weapons. It’s one of the best, and coolest looking metals of them all.

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