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How to Get Helidium in Outcast: A New Beginning (& Carry More of It)

Helidium is an essential resource in Outcast: A New Beginning. Stock up to keep your weapon a full damage capacity and unlock new abilities.

Guns don’t work the same way in Outcast: A New Beginning. Rather than supplying them with bullets, you need to stock up on the special resource, Helidium, to power up and charge them. Here’s how to get Helidium and carry more of it.

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How to Get More Helidium in Outcast: A New Beginning

There are three types of Helidium you can find in Outcast: A New Beginning: Green, Red, and Blue. Each one has a different purpose for you as Cutter Slade, but all of them are essential to have in stock.

Green Helidium

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Green Helidium is the most common of the three types and powers your pistol. It’s not exactly like ammo since the gun will still shoot without it, but it won’t deal as much damage, and if you run out, your modules will be disabled. Green Helidium is a large cluster of crystals growing around the map or singular crystals lying around a desk or table in the villages. To break a cluster of Green Helidium, approach it and use your melee attack to break it apart. Then, the pieces in your proximity automatically collect.

Red Helidium

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Red Helidium is almost exactly like Green Helidium but powers your Rifle. Similarly, it works as a powering agent for the gun, boosting its damage and allowing you to use your modules; without it, your gun isn’t effective. You can find Red Helidium in large clusters of crystals around the map or as singular crystals around the villages. They break the same way as well, using your melee attack to collect the fragments.

Blue Helidium

Blue Helidium works a bit differently than the other two because it unlocks more Jetpack abilities. If you want to expand your techniques with the Jetpack, such as boosting faster and having a longer charge, you need Blue Helidium. You get Blue Helidium by opening chests and, most often, by completing quests. Main quests, side quests, and side activities will all reward you with a specific amount of Helidium, as noted on the quest menu (shown in the screenshot I included above). The more quests you complete, the more Helidium you can stock up for upgrades.

How to Carry More Helidium in Outcast: A New Beginning

At the start of the game, you only have a maximum limit of 200 Helidium for Red and Green types. This easily becomes a nuisance when in combat since you blow through it quickly. Thankfully, you can purchase some upgrades that will allow you to hold more at one time and avoid running out so much.

To upgrade your Supply amount, speak to any of the Upgraders around the map. Upgraders are located at the hammer icons around the villages. They sell ‘Supply Upgrades’ for all resource storage space and allow you to carry more at one time. To upgrade your Helidium Supplies, here’s what you’ll need:

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Green Helidium Supply Upgrade I300 Inventory Limit150 Zorkins
Green Helidium Supply Upgrade II400 Inventory Limit200 Zorkins
Gamor Meat x2
Red Helidium Supply Upgrade I300 Inventory Limit150 Zorkins
Red Helidium Supply Upgrade II400 Inventory Limit200 Zorkins
Krakit Gland x2

Keep your eyes peeled for Helidium while you’re venturing to each village around the Region of Ganzaar. You’ll need Helidium to take down enemies and keep progressing through your Jetpack skill tree.

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