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How to Get Inner Beast Packs in Apex Legends

Don't miss out on some special Inner Beast skins and accessories by collecting some Inner Beast Packs in Apex Legends!

During the Inner Beast Collection Event in Apex Legends, you can collect a bunch of new “Hunt”-themed skins and accessories. You can get some from Battle Pass or in Inner Beast Packs, so here’s how to get some Inner Beast Packs in Apex Legends.

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How to Get Apex Legends Inner Beast Packs

Packs are a great way to pick up some of the best and most rare cosmetics and materials in Apex Legends of various rarities. While you can earn everyday Standard packs, during the Inner Beast Collection Event, there will also be some limited-time Inner Beast Packs to retrieve as well.

There are a couple ways you can collect some of these packs in-game:

Apex Coins

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You can collect Inner Beast Packs by spending 700 Apex Coins per pack. You can make the purchases via the Event tab on the main menu. Every pack is guaranteed to give you an item from the event and 2 Standard Items.

You can purchase Apex Coins in exchange for real currency. However, the better way to earn Coins for free is to hop into some games and level up. The better you play (more eliminations, revives, damage), the more XP you’ll gain to level up. You can earn Coins through level-ups and in the Battle Pass.

Store Bundles

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During the entire event, until March 19, two bundles are available for purchase: Bull Pack and Wild Fox Pack. These include a character skin and weapon skin each, as well as some Inner Beast Packs on top of that. The Bull Pack costs 5,000 Apex Coins but will give you x7 Inner Beast Packs. The Wild Fox Pack costs 2,500 Apex Coins and gives you x3 Inner Beast Packs.

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