Increase your chances of finding lightning in an item box in Mario Kart Tour with this tips guide.

How to Get Lightning in Mario Kart Tour

Increase your chances of finding lightning in an item box in Mario Kart Tour with this tips guide.

A brand-new tour is already out in Mario Kart Tour as we shift focus away from New York to Hong Kong. With that move comes a slew of new challenges and items, one of them revolving around lightning. 

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Can’t find the lightning item to complete the “use lightning 3 times” challenge? Much like the super horn, lightning has an extremely low spawn rate. Unfortunately, all you can do is keep playing levels over and over until you randomly pull it from an item box.

The good news is there’s a method for increasing the drop rate. The bad news is that it will require you to stay in last place for most of the race!

Mario Kart Tour: How To Get / Use Lightning 3 Times

Losing races on purpose will throw off your chances of raising your tier to get better rewards at the end of the week. So, if you don’t pull lightning by the time you are partway through the second lap, it’s better to stop trying on that course and pull ahead to first place to salvage your score.

Here’s the best method for increasing your chances of pulling lightning during the Tokyo Tour courses:

  • Select a course with hidden side ramps. These have an extra item box that increases your chances of pulling lightning. If you haven’t found any of these yet, the SNES Rainbow Road level is a good pick as it has a steady stream of item boxes in a straightforward map
  • Pick the map’s preferred racer so you get three items per item box
  • Don’t pick the map’s preferred kart or glider so you don’t get speed or point boosts
  • Don’t start with the rocket boost when the timer hits “2” like normal
  • Stay either in seventh or eighth place while picking up items

Due to the driving assist system used in Mario Kart Tour, staying in last place is actually harder than it sounds.

If you have trouble staying in the back, pick either the 150cc or 200cc version of a map to make the AI harder, and go out of your way to hit bananas or map environment obstacles like clam shells or the stone Thwomp traps.

Make sure not to drift too often either, so you don’t accidentally start a mini turbo boost.

Thankfully, you can complete the three lightning challenge over any number of races, so keep at it if you don’t manage to pull lightning from an item box on your first try.

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