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How to Get Mageweave in WoW SoD Phase 2

Where to farm Mageweave withhout struggling at Level 40!

With Phase 2 increasing the level cap to 40, Mageweave becomes a hot commodity. However, farming locations are limited. The level range of enemies that drop Mageweave has increased to Level 50. Here’s how to get Mageweave Cloth in WoW SoD without struggling.

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Best Mobs to Farm Mageweave Cloth from in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2

The key to farming Mageweave in WoW Season of Discovery lies in focusing on enemies at the low end of the level range, Level 40. This limits the areas you can use without worrying about repeatedly dying to Feralas, Tanaris, and Stranglethorn Vale. Feralas and Tanaris are easier, but Stranglethorn Vale has a spot with enemies Level 43-45 if you feel confident in taking them on. Or if you’re bringing friends to farm with you.

Which Enemies to Focus on When Farming Mageweave

In Feralas, you farm cloth from Gordunni Ogres and Woodpaw Gnolls, which all stay in the lower 40s range. For Tanaris, focus on Wastewanderers to the east of Gadgetzan, which range from Level 40 to Level 45. And with Stranglethorn Vale, target the Southsea Pirates on the shore to the east of Booty Bay. But be warned that they range from Level 43 to Level 45. I prefer Feralas the most because the mob types that drop cloth take up a large area. Plus, it’s easier to avoid pulling too many enemies at once compared to locations like STV.

What is Mageweave Used for in World of Warcraft SoD Phase 2?

Mageweave’s demand comes from Tailoring and the ability to make larger bags with the crafting mat. But it’s used for Blacksmithing, Engineering, and First Aid, as well. If you want to stash gold during this phase, farming Mageweave is a great option. My supply goes toward Tailoring on my Mage, but bags sell well enough to make them worth crafting.

That’s how to get Mageweave Cloth in WoW SoD. Since these mobs are lower in level, you might pick up some Silk Cloth from them, as well. From here, check out our guides hub for more topics like where to find RFK or how to get Runes like Missile Barrage if you’re a Mage like me.

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