Radiant, Lustrous, and Forging Tides in Wuthering Waves
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How to Get More Lustrous and Radiant Tides in Wuthering Waves

Here are some ways to earn more Tides!

One of the main goals in Wuthering Waves is to expand your team with more powerful characters. However, summoning can only be done with suitable materials: Lustrous Tides or Radiant Tides. These special materials are collected quite as easily as others, so here are some ways to get more.

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How to Get Tides for Convenes in Wuthering Waves

To convene more characters in Wuthering Waves, you’ll need to have Tides. Lustrous Tides, in blue, are the main currency for banners. However, other limited-time event banners will also require Radiant Tides.

You can usually choose to use one Tide to open one banner or ten Tides to open ten. In some rare cases, like the Beginner’s Choice Convene, you need to have ten to open it. There’s no other way to get new Resonators or weapons besides with Tides or Astrite ( Astrite is another currency you can use instead of Tides, but it will cost more).

Both types of Tides can be difficult to come across; Radiants even more so. However, there are a few methods you can use to build up your savings again. These are some ways I found the easiest:

Item Exchange

One of the very best ways to get more Tides is to use the Item Exchange. You can exchange other materials, like Corals and Astrites, to get Lustrous Tides, Radiant Tides, and other essential items.

Item Exchange menu with tides available to exchange in Wuthering Waves
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To get to the Item Exchange, open your Terminal and navigate to the Shop page. In the Shop, you can switch to the Item Exchange tab. This is where you’ll have the option to obtain Tides, Wavebands, and Tuners by exchanging your other materials. However, the exchange rates are a bit different depending on what materials you are using. You can get one Radiant Ride, Forging Tide, or Lustrous Tide for Afterhocked Coral x8, Oscillated Coral x70, or Astrite x160.


Another great way to get Tides is through in-game events. Most events have specific tasks you can complete to earn rewards or even free rewards you can claim every day just by checking in daily.

Wuthering Waves event page with Tides rewards
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You can find the Events page in your Terminal, right beside the Shop where you found the Item Exchange. You’ll need to advance through the tutorial first before you gain access to it.

Relic Merchant

If you don’t mind a bit of grinding, another way you can gain Tides is by turning in some Sonance Caskets at a Relic Merchant. You’ll find your first Relic Merchant in Jinzhou City.

Relic Merchant in Wuthering Waves with Casket Delivery rewards
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You can come across Sonance Caskets as loot from defeating specific enemies or in chests. Once you have some, return to the Relic Merchant and hand them in to work toward earning a reward. Almost all rewards include a Tide or two and some other goodies. It can take some time to do this, but if you’re exploring a lot, it could be a good way to earn some extra Tides.

Keep earning XP, completing quests, and boosting your Union levels, and you’ll earn some more rewards like Tides. The more Tides you have, the more banners you’ll be able to open to collect those new characters.

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