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How to Get Multiple Pets in Stardew Valley 1.6

Fill your farm with pets galore thanks to the 1.6 update!

One of my favorite parts about Stardew Valley is the animals you care for on your farm. You can get livestock like cows and chickens and adorable pets like cats and dogs. In the fresh new update, you can even have more than one. Here’s how to get multiple pets.

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How to Adopt More Pets in Stardew Valley

At the start of the game, you can choose between any dog or cat options during character creation. This will determine what pet Marnie brings around for you to adopt after reaching 1,000 Gold or the 20th day of Spring. This is the first pet you’ll adopt during the game.

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Before the 1.6 update came around, the only way players could get more pets was by using Stardew Valley mods. Thankfully, mods aren’t a requirement for multiple pets now. To get another pet, you must first max out the hearts with your current pet.

How to Earn Hearts with Pets in Stardew Valley

To earn hearts with your pet, you’ll want to ensure you pet them every day. A heart will pop up over their head as you do, signaling their happiness.

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Just like how you have friendships with the other characters in town, you can also form friendships with your pets by petting them every day and keeping them happy by feeding them or filling their dish with water.

You can check the Animals tab in your menu, symbolized by the baby chick icon, to see how many hearts you have with your pets. Once those hearts are filled up, you’ll have the option to adopt another pet from Marnie.

How to Get Gifts From Your Pets in Stardew Valley

Along with having access to more pets, your pets can do more for you in return. Once you earn friendship hearts with them, they’ll give you random gifts. These can be any random item, from foraged foods to seashells. However, you’ll have to make sure you’re working on building your friendship every day by petting them and keeping their dish full of water. That way, everyone is happy!

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