Here's where you can get Raw Zoisite to put towards the Indagator's set in FFXIV.

How to Get Raw Zoisite in FFXIV

Here's where you can get Raw Zoisite to put towards the Indagator's set in FFXIV.

The new Zoisite gem is used to craft parts of the Indagator’s gear set in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3. Raw Zoisite can be refined by a Goldsmith into Zoisite itself, but you’ve got to get your hands on the raw material before you can think about mass crafting Zoisite.

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Our guide will provide you with tips on how to get Raw Zoisite in FFXIV, including the list of items it is used in.

FFXIV: How to Get Raw Zoisite

Before players can mine for Raw Zoisite they need to obtain the “Tome of Geological Folklore – Ilsabard and the Northern Empty“, which can be purchased only from the Splendors Vendor located at the city of Radz-at-Han in Ilsabard (x11.3 – y9.1). This tome can be purchased for 16 Regional Folklore Trader’s Token Cs.

Players also need to have a Miner to Level 90 to be able to get Raw Zoisite at the following coordinates:

  • Legendary Rocky Outcrop: Garlemald, Tertium (x32.0 – y17.4).

There are two more conditions that players need to fulfill in order to get the stones successfully. First, the recommended level of Perception should be at least 3625, and second, players can mine Raw Zoisite at the designated location only around 6 AM or 6 PM of Eorzean Time.

Once you’ve obtained the necessary amount of stones you can craft the actual Zoisite gem, using this recipe:

  • 4 Raw Zoisite.
  • 1 Immutable Solution.
  • 1 Earthbreak Aethersand.
  • 3 Wind Cluster.
  • 3 Fire Cluster.

What Is Raw Zoisite Used to Craft?

Here is the complete list of all items that can be crafted with the help of the Zoisite gem, which includes Raw Zoisite:

  • Indagator’s Awl.
  • Indagator’s Bracelet of Crafting.
  • Indagator’s Bracelet of Gathering.
  • Indagator’s Claw Hammer.
  • Indagator’s Culinary Knife.
  • Indagator’s Earrings of Crafting.
  • Indagator’s Earrings of Gathering.
  • Indagator’s File.
  • Indagator’s Garden Scythe.
  • Indagator’s Grinding Wheel.
  • Indagator’s Mortar.
  • Indagator’s Necklace of Crafting.
  • Indagator’s Necklace of Gathering.
  • Indagator’s Pliers.
  • Indagator’s Ring of Crafting.
  • Indagator’s Ring of Gathering.
  • Indagator’s Sledgehammer.
  • Indagator’s Spinning Wheel.

That’s all you need to know on how to get Raw Zoisite in FFXIV. For more Final Fantasy XIV tips and tricks articles, please visit our dedicated hub page.

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