How to Get Rubellux Weapons in FFXIV

FFXIV Rubellux Weapons can be used as status symbols, late-game grinding, and more. Here's how to get them.

FFXIV Rubellux Weapons can be used as status symbols, late-game grinding, and more. Here's how to get them.

Rubellux weapons are some of the rarest and most sought-after weapons in Final Fantasy XIV. They are powerful, stylish, and highly desirable pieces of equipment that can make a difference in raids and dungeons. But how do you get them? This FFXIV guide tells you how.

What are Rubellux Weapons in FFXIV?

Rubellux Weapons are an upgraded version of the Shadowbringers’ rewards for the Ruby Weapon Trial. They are aesthetically pleasing, high-level weapons with impressive stats that come with a unique special glowing effect. Crafting jobs are required for each weapon, and recipes and jobs vary depending on the weapon.

How to Unlock Rubellux Weapons in FFXIV

You can’t get Rubellux Weapons as a drop directly from any particular duty. They have to be crafted by the appropriate crafting jobs. Regardless of the weapon’s recipes and jobs required, all of them require Ruby Plating.

As part of the Cinder Drift (Extreme) Level 80 Trial, Ruby Plating is a rare crafting item. It is also possible to obtain it randomly by dismantling any of the regular Ruby weapons.

Rubellux Weapons differ from previous crafted Trial weapons in that you must be a Specialist in the crafting job in order to create them. Otherwise, the recipes, some of which require Bayberry, will be greyed out and unavailable. As such, you must be a Specialist Carpenter to create weapons like Rubellux Bows or Rubellux Canes.

If this all seems overwhelming, you can purchase one from the Market Board. However, you should know that they come with a hefty price tag. One thing you can do is to check across different servers for the cheapest price for the weapon you want. On the other hand, it is also possible to buy Ruby Plating and the other materials and craft it directly, which will likely be cheaper than having someone craft it for you.

What are Rubellux Weapons Used For in FFXIV?

Rubellux Weapons are primarily used for aesthetic purposes, as they have a special glowing effect that makes them stand out from other weapons. They can also be used in Ruby-themed Glamours. They may also be useful for endgame gear grinding, as they can help to give you an edge against enemies. Finally, they are also a status symbol in the FFXIV community, due to their rarity and the effort required to obtain them.

That’s the gist of Rubellux weapons in FFXIV. With update 6.3 out now, we’ve got more tips and tricks over on our Final Fantasy XIV guides page, including how to get the Mama Automaton minion, how to get Coral Pink Dye, how to get the Waterfall Partition, how to get Hagnos Cloth, and more.

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