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How to Get Shellac in Skull and Bones

Shellac is a Specialized Material needed in ship construction in Skull and Bones.

Shellac is an uncommon Specialized Material found in the East Indies region. Used to build more advanced ships and weapons, this is how to get Shellac in Skull and Bones.

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Where to Obtain Shellac in Skull and Bones

The Dominion of Rempah is the faction that produces Shellac. Encountered around Telok Penjarah, you won’t begin seeing the item until the mid-game. While you can sell it, it’s better to stockpile the resource until you need it, as it’s necessary to craft ships like the Padewakang, and make deadlier weapons.

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You can destroy Rempah ships to get Shellac, though it’s rarer to see on the lower-level vessels. Merchant vessels and warships will most likely carry it. Use the Spyglass to see if the material is listed on the ship manifest before engaging.

Having trouble finding Shellac in enemy cargo? There are three settlements that you can Plunder that have it listed as possible loot. My favorite is Kencur due to the close proximity to Telok Penjarah, but you can also go to Kota Lama or Damai.

Even though the ship level for Kencur is listed as seven, there are two guard towers that use Rockets. Have your best armor equipped and food that reduces Brace Stamina use before starting to Plunder.

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If you don’t want to go through the hassle of hunting down a ship or Plundering a settlement, you can visit the Rempah Trade in the Ruined Lighthouse. While the price may vary from reset to reset, I’ve typically seen it around 70 to 75 silver per unit.

That’s how to get Shellac in Skull and Bones. Focus Rempah merchant vessels or settlements to get a stockpile of the material. For other resource locations, how to get the Padewakang blueprint, or how to complete quests, check out our guides hub.

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