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How to Get Soulmask to Run on Steam Deck: Graphics, Controls, and More

Want to get Soulmask running smoothly on your Steam Deck? Here are some suggestions.

If you’re looking for a survival game to grind on your Steam Deck, then Soulmask may just be the one for you. There is a plethora of content to explore, but you can’t enjoy it with the usual PC controls. Here’s how to get it running smoothly and properly on Steam Deck.

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How to Play Soulmask on Steam Deck

Soulmask does run on the Steam Deck, allowing you to play on the go wherever you are or even from the comfort of your couch or bed. However, it may take some tweaking to get it to run smoothly. This requires adjusting your graphics, controls, and perhaps even adjusting your version of Proton to get the game to boot up in the first place.

How to Switch Proton Versions

If you try to open your game and see a glitchy rainbow screen of death, you may have to switch your Proton versions to solve the issue. Some players report they can’t start up the game at all without this glitch, so if it’s happening to you, here’s how to try and fix it:

  • Hover over the game in your Library and press Start, revealing a few options for it.
  • Then, press Properties.
  • Within Properties, navigate to the Capabilities section.
  • Now, look for an option that says, “Force the use of a specific Steam…” and checkmark it.
  • Pick the Proton version you want (we suggest trying Proton 8.0-4).
  • Finally, start up the game to see if it works!

Best Graphics for Soulmask on Steam Deck

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Once you get your game up and running on your Steam, it’s time to filter the settings so it will run smoothly as you play. First, you’ll want to adjust the graphics of the game so you aren’t getting a ton of lag.

Ultimately, choosing what graphics to use should be trial and error. You’ll get the fastest gameplay with the lowest settings, but the game won’t look as beautiful. Depending on what you prefer, you can adjust them to your liking.

Here are the settings we suggest for the smoothest gameplay with best FPS:

  • Display
    • Display: Windowed Fullscreen
    • Resolution: 1280×800
  • Graphics
    • Auto-Set Quality: Auto-Set
      • Quality Presets: Low
    • Gamma: 100%
  • Graphics Quality Details
    • 3D Resolutions: 40%
    • Shadows: Low
    • Anti-Aliasing: Low
    • View Distance: Near
    • Textures: Low
    • Visual Effects: Low
    • Post-Processing Effect: Low
    • Foliage Quality: Low
  • Advanced Graphics
    • Vertical Sync: On
    • Frame Rate Limit: Unlimited
  • Graphics Features
    • Motion Blur: Off
    • Depth of Field: On
    • Point Light Shadow: Off
    • AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR): On
    • NVIDIA DLSS: Off

How to Remap Controls for Soulmask on Steam Deck

The biggest obstacle you’ll face while trying to play Soulmask on Steam Deck is the controls. The game is not controller compatible, which means you’ll have to tweak the keyboard and mouse controls to try and fit.

You’ll want to go into the Keybinds menu and manually change each button to the one you’re comfortable with. We suggest setting the Directional Pad to WASD, the deck buttons to keyboard actions, and the r-stick to the mouse movement (instead of the trackpad).

Give these a go and see if Soulmask is more comfortable on your Steam Deck now. If not, keep adjusting your settings to see what works best for you. The graphics are completely to your own personal taste and what your Steam Deck can handle.

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