How to Get Subnautica Below Zero Table Coral

Wondering how to find Subnautica Below Zero table coral for a table coral sample? They're located in two specific biomes.

Wondering how to find Subnautica Below Zero table coral for a table coral sample? They're located in two specific biomes.

Like any other survival game, Subnautica Below Zero is full of crafting supplies and items that you’ll need to hunt down and scavenge to progress in the game. Some are used more often than others, but most are important in some way. One of those crafting items is Below Zero table coral, which you harvest to get a table coral sample. 

But where is Subnautica Below Zero table coral, and how do you find it? This guide will tell you exactly where table coral is found, how to harvest it, and which crafting recipes it’s used in. 

How to Find Table Coral in Subnautica Below Zero

Twisty Bridges biome with fish.

Unlike table coral in Subnautica, which can be found in eight different biomes across the map, Subnautica Below Zero table coral is found in only two biomes: Twisty Bridges and Lilypad Islands

The first place you’ll find table coral is in Twisty Bridges. This biome is 200 meters south of your lifepod. If you don’t yet have a compass, which requires copper wire and a wiring kit to craft, you can exit your lifepod, turn right, and go straight for 200 meters. 

Twisty Bridges is denoted by long, thin rock formations that form bridges between larger outcroppings. They look almost like tentacles. You’ll see some of these in the Sparse Arctic biome, your starting zone, but you won’t officially be in Twisty Bridges until the depth starts to drop off and you see many of these structures crisscrossing the area. 

Table coral is hard to come by in this area, but look along cliff walls and inside caves. Table coral is red or yellow and juts out in a half-moon shape. 

Table coral samples on cliffs in Twisty Bridges.

You can also find table coral in Lilypad Islands, which is almost directly southeast of the lifepod, through the Purple Vents and Tree Spires biomes. While you can get to this area early in the game if you wish by following a certain signal, it’s not advisable. There are plenty of aggressive Cryptosuchus along the way, as well as a few Leviathans you may have to deal with. 

However, the primary reason is that there just isn’t that much table coral to be found in the Lilypad Islands. Farming table coral from Twisty Bridges is far more efficient. 

It’s also possible that Sea Monkeys will be carrying around pieces of table coral from time to time, so keep an eye out. However, it’s incredibly rare that they do so, and after more than 13 hours of play, I’ve only seen it happen twice. 

How to Harvest Table Coral

Mineral Detector recipe and fabricator in Lifepod.

Harvesting table coral is very easy. All you need to do is approach it and hit it with your Survival Knife. You can craft a Survival Knife with 1x silicone rubber and 1x titanium. One creepvine cluster crafts two silicone rubber. Titanium is found by breaking limestone outcrops or scanning vehicle and item fragments you already have the full crafting recipes for. 

Though not completely necessary, it can be helpful to bring along a Mineral Detector to help you find the coral samples. The Mineral Detector is great for locating a number of different Subnautica Below Zero crafting supplies; you can cycle through 10 options after building it, and it pinpoints locations with a green dot on the detector’s screen. 

You can build a Mineral Detector with 1x battery; 1x titanium, 1x copper wire; 1x silicone rubber. The only downside to the scanner is that you have to be within about 10 meters of the object before it’s able to be detected. 

What is Table Coral Used to Craft?

You’ll need table coral to craft a singule item: the computer chip. However, the computer chip is used in a wide variety of items, including the Mobile Vehicle Bay and Habitat Builder to the Modification Station and Vehicle Upgrade Console. It’s also a primary component for some vehicles, such as the Sea Truck and Prawn Suit. 

That means you’ll want to seek table coral out relatively early in Subnautica Below Zero. You can typically grab a few table coral samples without a vehicle; use the seaglide to get back to the surface quickly. But once you get enough vehicle fragments to build the Sea Truck, you’ll be able to farm table coral to your heart’s content. 

That’s all you need to know about Subnautica Below Zero table coral. Now that you can craft the computer chip, you’ll have access to some of the game’s better crafting recipes and blueprints. For more on Below Zero, consider diving into our other guides

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