How to Get Tekken 7’s Hidden Trophy

Prove that you're the true master by unlocking the hidden trophy in Tekken 7.

Prove that you're the true master by unlocking the hidden trophy in Tekken 7.
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In trying to complete your trophy list for Tekken 7, you may notice that you’re one short after all your time spent on the game. There’s a hidden trophy in Tekken 7 that you’ll need to really complete your collection. In this guide, we’ll go over how you can get your battle-scarred hands on it.

Unlocking the Hidden Trophy in Tekken 7

First things first, you’ll need to play through the game’s story mode all the way to the end. After you’ve finished making your way through the story of the Mishima family, you’ll unlock a special 13th chapter  titled Instant Carnage.

Start up this chapter. When you do, you’ll see Kazuya confidently standing among the fire and brimstone of a volcano. As he dodges a purple fireball, you’ll see fan-favorite Street Fighter crossover character Akuma standing in the distance.

After a quick bit of trash talking, you’ll take control of Devil Kazuya and go up against the master of the Satsui no Hadou himself. Be warned — much like Akuma fights in other games, he’s incredibly difficult. Most likely, you will have to try this fight a few times to finally get that last hit in on him. But if you check out our guide to beating Akuma, you should get through just fine. 

If and when you’re able to triumph over this formidable foe, you’ll be able to claim the hidden trophy — called Master of the Iron Fist — and complete your collection. 

That wraps up this guide for unlocking the hidden trophy in Tekken 7. Be sure to check out the rest of our Tekken 7 guides for more tips that will get you in fighting shape. 

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