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How to Get the Cozy Sleeping Bag in WoW SoD: Questline Walkthrough

Here's our step by step guide to unlock the Cozy Sleeping Bag in WoW Classic: SoD.

There’s a new way to get rested XP in Season of Discovery, all it takes is a little nap. The questline to get it isn’t easy, though. Here’s how to unlock the Cozy Sleeping Bag in WoW: SoD and obtain Student Fodder, including how Horde can get to Loch Modan.

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How to Complete the Sleeping Bag Quests and Get the Cozy Sleeping Bag WoW: SoD

With the Cozy Sleeping Bag in WoW: SoD, you can take a nap almost anywhere across Azeroth to net some rested XP. After resting for a minute straight in the Sleeping Bag, you’ll get a couple of bars’ worth of rested XP for your trouble. The only caveat to the bag is that you can’t use it in safe zones. Otherwise, it’ll let you have a rest and boost your XP gains.

There are several quests in the Cozy Sleeping Bag quest chain, and Horde players have it a lot harder thanks to a trek to Loch Modan.

Where to Find the Burned-out Remains and Start the “… and That Note You Found” Quest

This whole journey starts in a different zone for either faction. Horde characters need to go to the Barrens, and Alliance characters need to go to Westfall to find Burned-out Remains to start the first quest in this chain, titled “… and That Note You Found.” After the first part, both will have to go to the other faction’s Burned-out Remains location.

For Horde, travel to the Southern Barrens by running straight down the road in the middle of the zone. Before you reach the road leading to Dustwallow Marsh, there’s a pillaged tower on the left side of the road. The Burned-out Remains are on the ground beside the tower at coordinates 46, 73.

For Alliance, travel to Westfall and head to the Alexston Farmstead to find the Burned-out Remains. They’re in a small pile of burning wood in the middle of the farm’s fields, at the coordinates 37,50.

When you’ve done this, regardless of whether you’re playing a Horde or Alliance character, you need to head to the opposite faction’s Burned-out Remains. This is a fairly perilous journey for both, considering how far these zones are apart and the fact you’ll need to head into the opposite faction’s territory to continue your effort to get the Cozy Sleeping Bag.

Once you have done both parts, you will complete “… and That Note You Found,” and receive the “Stepping Stones” quest.

How to Complete the Stepping Stones Quest

From here, the quests you’ll have to do for the Sleeping Bag are the same between both factions. Next, you need to go to Stonetalon Mountains in Kalimdor to continue.

The “Stepping Stones” quest objective is found near the Horde encampment Sunrock Retreat. If you’re playing Horde, it’s fastest to use the path behind Sunrock Retreat to get to north of the Charred Vale. Alliance players will come toward this area from the south, from Stonetalon Peak.

On the path leading from the main road directly to the Charred Vale is a slightly hidden pathway in the side of the mountains. The path starts at about 51, 50. Head up the pathway and veer left to find an empty camp. You’ll find the Pocket Litter you need for “Stepping Stones” on a box outside the tent. Complete “Stepping Stones” and accept the “Scramble” quest.

How to Complete the Scramble Quest

This is the easiest part of the Cozy Sleeping Bag quest chain. You only need to head north from the camp and over a slight ridge. Look for a mound of dirt on one of the nearby ridges. This will complete “Scramble” and start the “Wet Job” quest.

How to Complete the Wet Job Quest

If you’re a Horde player, you’re about to be in for a long run. “Wet Job” requires traveling all the way out to Loch Modan, an Alliance faction zone, from Stonetalon Mountains. I got ganked a few times on my way out to do this quest. I’ll go over how to get to Loch Modan for Horde players in this section as well. Alliance characters won’t have any trouble with this step in the quest chain.

In the northern portion of Loch Modan is Stonewrought Dam separating the river and The Loch. You can walk across Stonewrought Dam from either direction. You’re looking for a ledge off the side facing the river, at about 49, 12, which contains a few key items.

The quest item you want to interact with on this ledge is the Carved Figurine. Doing so will complete “Wet Job” and trigger the next in the Cozy Sleeping Bag quest chain, “Eagle’s Fist.”

How to Reach Loch Modan as a Horde Character

The journey to one of the early-level Alliance starting zones as a Horde isn’t a short one. If you can fly to Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands, you’ll have a shorter run than otherwise. If not, you need to come from Tarren Mill or even the Sepulcher. In short, you’re traveling from the direction of the Undercity to the southern section of the Arathi Highlights.

You need to follow the road going south in the Arathi Highlands and cross the bridge into the Wetlands. There were several level 30+ Alliance players camping the bridge when I crossed it. If that ends up being the case for you, just run through and let them kill you. You can rez at the Graveyard to continue the run to the quest location if you have to.

The tunnels you use to get from the Wetlands to Loch Modan are at the end of the main road leading south. Just run through any aggressive Alliance NPCs along the tunnels; they don’t hurt very much. Once you’re out of the final tunnel, you can veer left and head toward Stonewrought Dam.

How to Complete the Eagle’s Fist Quest

The next part is one of the shortest on the Cozy Sleeping Bag quest chain, but the wonky jumping mechanics and unclear goal can make it one of the most frustrating. To get started, go to Hillsbrad Foothills and head towards the Arathi Highlands. Instead of crossing the border when you see Thoradin’s Wall, turn left and follow the wall until you come across a broken cart against the destroyed portions of the wall.

After essentially jump-puzzling your way up the cart and the rubble, head down the passageway at the top of the wall. Turn right to find a Messenger Bag hanging on the wall just outside the passage. Interact with it to complete Eagle’s Fist, and initiate “This Must Be the Place,” which just tasks you with interacting with the Sleeping Bag on the ground before you. Once done, you’ll have finished this questline and obtained the Cozy Sleeping Bag along with Student Fodder.

That’s it for how to unlock the Cozy Sleeping Bag in WoW SoD. It takes some effort to get this unique tool, but the rested XP it can give through the rest of your leveling is more than worth it. Check out more of our WoW: Season of Discovery guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to get Shiny Fish Scales and all SFK quests.

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