Fighting a Muck Frenzy fish for Shiny Fish Scales.
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WoW Classic: How to Get Shiny Fish Scales in SoD

There aren't many places to get this reagent. Here's where to get Shiny Fish Scales in WoW Classic: SoD.

Shiny Fish Scales are the only reagent for Shamans’ Water Breathing spell, which is slightly less valuable in Hardcore. For Horde in SoD, Water Breathing can be key to getting to the Deadmines. Here’s how to get Shiny Fish Scales in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery.

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Where to Find Shiny Fish Scales in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

This might be a material that only Horde players need, but it’s not easy to get on a PvP server. Most of the mobs that drop Shiny Fish Scales are found in Ashenvale around Blackfathom Deeps, which is not exactly the easiest spot for Horde to get around. Though, that situation’s a little different for those on PvE servers in Season of Discovery. Horde on PvE servers can just grind the Level 21 through Level 23 mobs that drop this reagent without worry.

A map of Ashenvale showing where to farm Shiny Fish Scales.
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How to Farm Fish Scales

All of the Naga mobs on the Zoram Strand surrounding and trailing south of BFD have a chance to drop Shiny Fish Scales on kill, and the drop chance is pretty good. If you can grind them out and need several Shiny Fish Scales to facilitate Deadmines runs from Booty Bay, or just to have for future situations, farming the Naga in Ashenvale for a time should give enough that you won’t have to farm them again for a while.

The drop chance on them across all the Naga in the area, whether Wrathtail or not, is between 30% to 40%. Naga inside BFD also have a chance to drop Shiny Fish Scales.

How to Get Shiny Fish Scales in The Barrens

There are some fish you can kill and skin that will grant Shiny Fish Scales, but there aren’t many. Being that only Shamans need Shiny Fish Scales, and Undead can’t be Shamans, I won’t be highlighting where these can be found in the Eastern Kingdoms. Instead, we’ll look toward the old staple: The Barrens.

A fish called Muck Frenzy in the Barrens can be killed and skinned for guaranteed Shiny Fish Scales. This is a much safer option on PvP servers, though it’s much more slow-going than killing Naga for them.

A map showing where to find Muck Frenzy fish.

Head to Ratchet and head north towards the area with the pirates. Halfway through, veer left and towards the water to look for Fray Island. A cave just underwater, against Fray Island when coming from the shallow waters leading from the mainland to the island, hosts Level 14 Muck Frenzy fish, which are guaranteed to grant Shiny Fish Scales when skinned. Of course, either you or a buddy need to be able to skin.

If this all seems like too much trouble, you might be able to get lucky in getting this reagent off the Auction House. But if not, these are the best ways to get and farm Shiny Fish Scales in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery. Check out more of our WoW Classic guides, such as where to farm Iridescent Pearls and where to find every weapon skill trainer.

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