How to Get the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle in Destiny 2

Make yourself invaluable to any Raid group in Destiny 2 with the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle.

Make yourself invaluable to any Raid group in Destiny 2 with the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle.

Despite a fairly substantial nerf, the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle is still one of the best endgame weapons in all of Destiny 2. You won’t be doing tons of damage with it, but the sizeable weak spot it creates — and the debuff that comes with it — can trivialize mobile Raid and Dungeon bosses or those without good crit points. However, getting it is quite the grind, and you’ll need a Raid team. Here are all the steps to getting Divinity.

All Steps to Get the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle in Destiny 2

Head to the Sorrow’s Harbor landing zone on the Moon to start the Divine Fragmentation Exotic quest that rewards the Divinity. Head directly east until you see a red metal bridge on your right. Take the path beyond it until you reach the Lunar Battlegrounds, then make an immediate left.

Follow the tunnel until you reach a large Vex Gate. Vex enemies will begin to spawn in great numbers. Kill everything, and once the dust clears, approach the gate to spawn Zeteon, Redemptive Mind, a boss-level Minotaur.

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Once defeated, Zeteon will drop an Exotic engram that grants access to the Divine Fragmentation quest.

Divine Fragmentation Quest for Divinity Step 1: Analyze Vex Cores

Head to The Orrery, Ancient Haunt, and The Conflux Lost Sectors on Nessus. Off the beaten path in each sector will be a side room with a glowing Vex core in it. Interact with the core to spawn a wave of enemies, and once they’re defeated, you can analyze the core.

Divine Fragmentation Quest for Divinity Step 2: Repair the Decryption Core

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For this step, you need to defeat 120 Sol Divisive Vex, but those are pretty hard to come by. Your only guaranteed sources are the Garden of Salvation Raid, the Spire of the Watcher Dungeon, and in small numbers, on the Moon.

Divine Fragmentation Quest for Divinity Step 3: Empower the Core

Go to the Sanctuary landing zone on the Moon and use the Lectern of Enchantment to empower the decryption core. You’ll need 30 Phantasmal Fragments to do so, and you can earn these by defeating Nightmare enemies anywhere in the system.

The Altars of Sorrow activity is a great way to farm Phantasmal Fragments, as are many Lost Sectors in the EDZ and on Nessus and the Moon.

Divine Fragmentation Quest for Divinity Step 4: Enter the Garden

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The fourth and final step of Divine Fragmentation has you going through the Garden of Salvation Raid. In the initial areas following the first three encounters, there will be laser tether puzzles you’ll need to solve, much like you opened the gate in the first encounter.

Hidden in the Raid are various Vex terminals that, once activated, spawn a tether at the starting player. A message at the bottom left of your screen will read “INITIATED: Security bypass protocol” once you start.

There will be six diamond structures you need to pass the tether through and blue-lit portals that you can see your teammates through, but reaching either side of the wall takes some lengthy platforming. You’ll also need all six members of your fireteam involved. Each time you complete a connection, you’ll receive the “ACCEPTED: Singular security bypass” message.

The third encounter puzzle sees your team collecting a completed tether and having all six connected Guardians transfer the connection from the middle area to a second set of diamond structures.

There’s one more tether puzzle to solve after the third encounter, following the third encounter as you keep to the right of the large Vex radiolarian river area. Just beyond that puzzle is the final challenge.

Six bright diamonds will be arranged in a rectangular pattern on the floor. Activating the tether cube will start the final puzzle. White lines will connect the diamonds, and your team must replicate those patterns shortly after they appear. Assign each squadmate a number and a number to each plate. The person with number one will always need to be on the starting diamond, and six will always go on the end. You’ll be recreating these patterns seven times.

If you’re successful at this final trial, you’ll receive the “COMPLETED: All security bypassed” message.

Now, beat the final boss of Garden of Salvation. If you’ve done everything right and have the Divine Fragmentation quest in your inventory, you’ll receive the Divinity as a separate reward.

Expect the whole process to take several hours, especially if your team has trouble with the puzzles in the Raid. But know this: Divinity is well worth the effort, even if only one member of your team has it. For more Destiny 2 content, check out our guides hub.

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