How to Get the Pre-Order Armor in Helldivers 2

Here's how to get the Pre-Order Armor in Helldivers 2 and equip them right away.

three futuristic tactical armors in helldivers 2 where the left one sports blue and white colors, the middle one gold and back, and the right one black and red
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If you pre-ordered Helldivers 2, you get three flashy and unique armor sets. Each one comes with its own passive bonus, and if you’re here, you’re wondering how to claim them in the game. Here’s how to get the pre-order armor in Helldivers 2.

How to Claim Your Helldivers 2 Pre-Order Armor

The Helldivers 2 pre-order armors are automatically available once you finish the intro tutorial mission. As soon as you board your destroyer ship, I recommend first finding your customization station on the bridge. Here you can open up your inventory and browse through your gear. The pre-order armor sets and their passive abilities are:

  • TR-62 Knight: Increases throwing range by 30% and provides 50% limb health.
  • TR-9 Cavalier of Democracy: You have a 50% chance to survive a lethal hit.
  • TR-7 Ambassador of the Brand: Increases armor rating.

Note that these Helldivers 2 armor sets are unique for the pre-order package and aren’t available in the game. This means that if you didn’t pre-order the game, you can’t get access to them. Besides the passive abilities, they don’t offer any specific mechanical advantages like better stats over the other in-game armor sets and are purely cosmetic.

a soldier in tactical futuristic armor and a gun shoots at insectoid aliens in a desert
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On the other hand, if you get the package, you get all three right away. For example, I could equip the TR-62 Knight armor as soon as I finished the intro which didn’t take me long to complete. They’re a neat little jump-start to your collection to switch around as you grind for your starting gear.

That concludes my guide on how to get the Pre-Order armor in Helldivers 2. For more Helldivers 2 guides and tips, check out how to claim the free TR-117 Alpha Commander Twitch drop armor and whether the game has split-screen co-op.

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