How to Get the Star Wars Cars in Rocket League

Want the new Star Wars cars in Rocket League? Here's how to get them.

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Star Wars is coming to the arenas of Rocket League with droid-themed car designs. Available in the item shop starting on Star Wars Day, May 4, you’ll be able to get various decals, wheels, titles, and more until May 16. Several bundles and packs will be available, all representing some of the most iconic droids from the saga. Here’s how to get the Star Wars cars in Rocket League.

Rocket League Star Wars Droid Bundle

The Star Wars Droid Bundle features 12 different items for 2,200 credits in the item shop. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • C-3PO Decal for Fennec
  • R2-D2 Decal for Octane
  • K-2SO Decal for Dominus
  • BB-8 Decal for Takumi
  • C-3PO Wheels
  • R2-D2 Wheels
  • K-2SO Wheels
  • BB-8 Wheels
  • R2-D2 Topper
  • BB-8 Topper
  • R2-D2 Player Anthem
  • Droid Player Title

The R2-D2 Player Anthem will be available for purchase separately.

Star Wars Droid and Car Bundle

If you don’t have the cars included in the Star Wars Droid Bundle, you won’t be able to use all of the decals available. But don’t worry! There’s another bundle lets you add them to your garage. Along with the Star Wars content, you’ll get:

  • Gold Fennec
  • Black Dominus
  • Cobalt Octane
  • Orange Takumi

Droid Packs

If you’re only looking to kit your car with one specific droid skin, you can do that, too. The following droid-specific packs are also available.

  • R2-D2 Pack: 800 Credits
  • C-3PO Pack: 500 Credits
  • BB-8 Pack: 800 Credits
  • K-2SO Pack: 500 Credits

Free Star Wars Content

Along with the bundles and packs, there are two additional items available in the shop for free.

  • Rust Bucket Player Title
  • Twin Suns R2-D2 Player Banner

Those are all the items available during the Star Wars celebration happening in Rocket League. Smash goals as K-2SO and beep with glee as R2-D2 while denying shots. For more, check out our other Rocket League guides.

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