The Far Cry 6 wingsuit makes fast travel fun. Here's when and where you can unlock the Far Cry wingsuit during your stay in Yara.

How to Get the Wingsuit in Far Cry 6

The Far Cry 6 wingsuit makes fast travel fun. Here's when and where you can unlock the Far Cry wingsuit during your stay in Yara.

Far Cry without the wingsuit is like chips without the salsa. If you’re heading to Yara for Far Cry 6, you’ll want to grab the wingsuit as soon as you can, because it makes traveling across the massive country so much faster and more convenient. 

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In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through how to unlock the Far Cry 6 wingsuit as early as you can so you don’t spend any unnecessary time on both feet.

Far Cry 6 Wingsuit: How to Get It and Use It

Dani using the wingsuit to fly over Yara at sunset.

The Far Cry 6 wingsuit isn’t available right away, but you do get it pretty early when compared to other games in the series. As you progress through the main campaign missions, you will eventually depart Isla Santuario for the western portion of Yara, the Madrugada region.

Once there, you’ll be given a story quest called Meet The Monteros. Play through that mission (don’t worry, no spoilers here), and you’ll eventually get to join the resistance leaders back at their camp, Monteros Farm.

At Monteros Farm, you’ll be able to construct new vendor kiosks around the area. Elect to build the Hideout Network at the Construction Desk (mapped with a black and green hammer icon), and you’ll immediately be given the wingsuit as a bonus.

Note, it’s possible to build other kiosks at your base and completely miss the Hideout Network early in the game. If you don’t construct it at Monteros Farm, you’ll have to go to another region completely to do so, meaning you won’t get the wingsuit until much later in the game.

In addition to giving new a new piece of gear, the hideout network allows you to locate and set up additional, smaller guerrilla camps all across Yara, including regions you haven’t even visited yet.

Once set up, you can fast travel to any of them and even choose an aerial fast travel, so you come out of the loading screen already gliding in your new wingsuit.

This is very convenient because you can travel via wingsuit for many hundreds of meters when up high, so even if your nearest fast travel point is a bit far from your objective, you may be able to soar right over to it using your new, handy gear.

How to Use the Wingsuit

Once you have it, feel free to leap before you look. The wingsuit can save you from a hard fall off a mountain, a tall building, or a ship. Press Left Stick/L3 in freefall. Just be sure to switch to parachute (B/Circle) before landing, or else you’ll suffer a fatal road rash.

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