Far Cry 6 Fort Quito Key: How to Open the Du or Die Locked Door

Wondering how to open the locked door in Fort Quito during Du or Die in Far Cry 6? You don't really need a key to get inside and grab the Autocrat Pistol.

Far Cry 6 is full of secrets and hidden areas to uncover if you venture off the beaten — and some even if you don't! The locked door underneath Fort Quito on Isla Santuario is one such place. If you've stumbled upon the fenced-in area during Du or Die, you may already know it seems to need the Fort Quito key. And you may also know that there's a contraband case inside that hides something: the Autocrat Unique Pistol

Ok, you may not have known that part since you haven't made it inside the locked door yet. That's why you're here. But did you know the Fort Quito key for it doesn't actually exist? Yeah, it's a red herring. Here's what to do to get inside and get the Autocrat Pistol during Du or Die. 

How to Get the Autocrat Pistol Without the Fort Quito Key

How to Get to the Locked Area

As you play through the mission Du or Die, which Juan gives you early in the game, you'll come across a key dropped by an officer. This key unlocks the armory door underneath the camera in the center area of the fort. The depleted uranium you're after is inside. 

To the right of that door are two cages, with another door in between them. Go through the door, then down the ladder in the fenced area in front of you. Continue down another ladder and then a short set of stairs. Behind you is the fenced area. 

How to Get Inside the Locked Area in Fort Quito

Fort Quito fenced-area side entrance.

So how do you get in? Go all the way to the right side of the area and underneath the stairs on that side. Turn left, and you'll notice a piece of plywood. Shoot the plywood to reveal an entryway into the caged area

You can pick up some gasoline and a few other crafting resources, but the main reason you're here is to get the Autocrat Pistol from the contraband case on the metal shelving. This is one of the best weapons in the early game because it has high damage, maxed-out velocity, and relatively high accuracy. 

It also uses armor-piercing rounds, has trigger discipline, which improves aimed weapon damage, and has gut-wrencher, which improves body shot weapon damage.

Autocrat unique pistol.

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That's that. The Fort Quito key doesn't actually unlock anything other than the armory that houses the chest of depleted uranium. You don't need the key to unlock the door beneath the fort and get the Autocrat Pistol in Du or Die. For more on Far Cry 6, consider clicking the links above or heading to our guides page for the game.

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Published Oct. 7th 2021

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