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How to Increase Camp Comfort Level in Soulmask

Decorate your camp to make it extra comfortable for you and your Tribesmen.

Once you recruit Tribesmen in Soulmask, you’ll want to ensure they have a well-built base to stay in and keep their moods high. A big part of having a thriving base is its comfort level. Not only will the comfort level affect your Tribesmen, but your needs will also be affected. Here’s how to increase it!

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How to Increase Comfort Level In Soulmask

The comfort level of your base will determine you and your Tribesmen’s morale and mood. Your Tribesmen won’t want to be so effective at their jobs unless they have a comfortable base to rest and live in. You can check what comfort level your base is at by resting on a chair or bathtub.

A buff will appear in the top right corner, depending on the camp’s current level. Your mood will stay pleasant longer the higher your camp comfort level.

The best way to improve your camp’s comfort level is to place down more furniture and stronger building structures.

How to Improve Building Tiers

Your first step to increasing your camp comfort level is to build better structures. For example, a thatch base won’t have as high of a comfort level as a stone base might. The stronger and more secure the base is, the higher the comfort. You can unlock better building structures in the Knowledge & Technology menu.

Each Building packet (basic, medium, advanced, etc. ) has improved building sets. Earn Tech Points by leveling up your Awareness Strength to unlock them. It’ll take time to get the best ones, but use what you have now to try and build a lovely setting.

It’s also essential to build a completely enclosed structure for the most comfort. For example, you’ll want walls, floors, and, most importantly, a roof. If you’re covered from the weather and wilderness, you’ll be more comfortable and protected.

How to Build Furniture

Furniture makes your camp so much more comfortable. Things like chairs, beds, torches, tables, etc., allow your Tribesmen to rest and have heat, light, and a place to eat. You can unlock some crafting recipes for furniture items in the Knowledge & Technology menu, just like the building structures. Unlock better furniture items using Tech Points on different Building (basic, medium, advanced, etc.) techs.

You can make furniture at a Building Workshop. You can’t craft furniture items directly through your menu. Instead, you’ll need to build it at this Building Workshop with the required materials.

You can make a Building Workshop with the following materials:

  • Clay x20
  • Plank x20
  • Thick Rope x10
  • (Additional: Stone or Flint x39)

Any Furniture items have comfort levels, and just being around them can give you buffs to your mood. The comfort levels differ for each item, but you can check them by hovering over them. All the individual comfort levels add together to make up the whole camp’s comfort level. The items that will provide the most comfort are:

  • Beds
  • Bonfires/Campfires (warmth)
  • Chairs
  • Tables (for feeding)

As you unlock more building sets and place down more furniture, your comfort level will go up. You’ll notice the buffs are a lot better the higher the level, and your Tribesmen will be in much better moods. You’ll keep your morale much higher the more comfortable your base is.

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