Deterring a Tribesmen for recruitment in Soulmask
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How to Recruit Tribesmen in Soulmask

Recruit new members to your tribe by proving yourself in battle!

Any of the masks you choose in Soulmask character creation can give you the skills you need for a good start, but eventually, you’ll want some other allies with you, especially if you’re playing solo. You can recruit Tribesmen to help you run your camp, but you’ll have to prove your dominance first.

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Soulmask Recruiting New Tribesmen Guide

Only occasionally will you get a random Vagabond or explorer stopping by your camp and requesting to join. If you really want to grow your tribe, you’ll need to head out and look for trouble. Barbarians and Outcasts are enemies, but you can sway them to your side by deterring them in battle with your intimidating mask.

Where to Find Barbarians and Outcasts

You’ll find Barbarians and Outcasts around the world as you explore. They mostly camp out at Ruins and Barracks spots, as shown on your map.

These spots usually have a whole group of enemies together, so be careful rushing right in. You’ll need to have some space to battle the character you want to recruit and deter them with the mask. Try to lead one away from the group by shooting at them from a distance, if possible.

How to Deter & Recruit Characters

The next step in recruiting a character is to deter them. Deterring them will make them prone on the ground for a short time. During this time, you’ll have to gain their trust by giving them liquid foods, like Broth.

To deter a character, you’ll need to fight them until their health is about 20%. When they are at the required health level, an option to deter will pop up on your screen. Then, press E to activate the motion, grab onto them, and use the mask to comatose them.

Once a character is comatose and deterred, they will remain helpless for a short time. This is when you’ll want to approach them and try to gain their favor. Hold E on them to open their inventories. Then, drag over any liquid food items, like soup or broth (this is the only kind they can have when comatose). When it’s in a slot in their inventory, hover over it and press E on it to make them eat it.

After the character had some food, hover over their body to see their stats. You’ll notice their Recognition stat start to increase. Their Recognition needs to be at 500 before the option to Recruit pops up on them. Then, you can press E to recruit them to your tribe (if you have open tribe slots).

What Can Tribesmen Do?

Tribesmen are essential to building a thriving base and gathering the materials you need to craft. Every character has different proficiencies, whether that be harvesting items, cutting down trees, crafting, etc. You can assign jobs to your Tribesmen based on their skills, so you get the best quality every time. Have them craft items, gather materials you need, or even accompany you into battle.

Tribesmen can also be great at combat or skills that you might not. A special feature of your handy dandy mask is to possess any other character. Once you unlock the Control repair node for your mask, you can take control of any of your Tribesmen and put their skills to good use, all by your own command.

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