Leveling my account in Killer Klowns From Outer Space by gaining experience points in matches.
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How to Level Fast in Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Here's how to level fast in Killer Klowns From Outer Space to unlock all content for the Klowns and Humans. 

In Killer Klowns From Outer Space, you can pick from different Klown and Human archetypes. These archetypes will dictate things like their health, stamina, and skills you can use during a match. However, you must level your account to level 50 to unlock all archetypes in the game before you can play them. While reaching level 50 may seem daunting, you can do it very quickly by using this quick and easy method. Here’s how to level fast in Killer Klowns From Outer Space to unlock all content for the Klowns and Humans.

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The experience points you earn in a match are used to level your account after the match finishes. This account level will unlock new content for Klowns and Humans, making it easy to unlock content by just playing the game. However, there are many ways to earn experience points, and not all are worth performing.

How to Reach Level 50 Fast in Killer Klowns From Outer Space

  1. Join a Private Match
  2. Pick the Amusement Park map
  3. Use the following Loadout:
    • Tracker Klown
    • Gigaray and Popcorn Bazooka weapons
    • Balloon Animal trick
  4. Down all humans and put them into cocoons
  5. Hook the cocoons

The nice thing about the above method is that you can play a private match as a Klown against seven bot humans. The bots won’t complete objectives and will walk around the map aimlessly, often in groups. The bots’ bad behavior means you don’t have to worry about them finishing the game before you can find and harvest them. The Amusement Park map is smaller, and finding humans and objectives is much easier than other maps.

The Tracker Klown is the best choice for leveling due to his Stamina, Movement, and Sense stats, which will help you when traversing the map and chasing humans. In addition, his Balloon Animal trick will help you find humans quickly as it will lead you to their location. 

I recommend the Popcorn Bazooka because it is the most effective ranged weapon in the game. For instance, it has the best range out of all of the weapons, which helps when humans constantly go in and out of buildings. It will also reveal humans’ auras to you so you can track them when they run away.

When you do down a human with the Popcorn Bazooka, don’t perform a Klowntality. Instead, use the Gigaray to put them into a cocoon before they recover. You want to do this because you get experience points for putting them into a cocoon and more points when they suffocate to death. When you perform a Klowntality, you remove the humans from the game and won’t be able to put them into a cocoon or hook them on a generator. Remember to throw cocoons to get them to generators much quicker than carrying them.

After putting them into a cocoon, you’ll want to hook them on a Lackey Generator to gain more experience. I recommend hooking them on the same generator so you get points for completing a generator solo and filling all slots. You’ll need to find a stray cocoon to place on one of the two generators since there are eight slots total and only seven humans. 

Once you use this method to learn how to level fast in Killer Klowns from Outer Space, you can complete matches in under 10 minutes. You’ll get between 15,000 and 21,000 experience points after every match, giving you multiple levels, even into higher levels like the 40s. Before you know it, you’ll be level 50 and have unlocked all content for the game. Check out our Killer Klowns hub for more guides like Can You Play on Steam Deck so you can level on the go.

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