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How to Level Up Awareness Strength Fast in Soulmask

Boost your levels fast with these two methods!

If you want to unlock more Technology & Knowledge and face those powerful Temple Guardians in Soulmask, you’ll want to increase your Awareness Strength. This level determines how powerful you can become and opens up more opportunities, so here’s how to level it up as fast as possible.

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How to Increase Awareness Strength Level Quickly in Soulmask

Your Awareness Strength works a bit differently than your character level. Your character level will determine your base states, allowing you to increase your Perception, Physique, Strength, etc., with each level up. However, your Awareness Strength focuses more on your overall experience and allows you to repair more Mask Nodes and unlock more crafting recipes.

You can see your Awareness Strength level by looking at the bar at the bottom of your screen or opening the Knowledge & Technology menu with Y and looking at the top left. Certain Mask Node Repairs will restrict you from unlocking them until you’ve reached the right Awareness Strength, and the same goes for Knowledge & Technology as well. You also won’t be able to summon the bosses at the Ancient Pyramids until you reach the correct level.

Thankfully, there are some ways to help you increase those levels more quickly. Two of the best ways include: fighting and crafting.


One of the quickest ways to boost your Awareness Strength is combat. You’ll fight as many enemies as you can, and you’ll gain steady XP each time you defeat or deter them. Finding enemies in the wild is fine, but you’ll find the most enemies to face at Barbarian Barracks or Dungeons.

Here are all the Barracks locations where you’ll find a bunch of enemies to fight at once, including some leaders and chiefs, which will give you a lot more XP for defeating.

These locations are very dangerous, so tread carefully. My favorite technique for grinding levels from combat is staying by the gate outside the Barracks and drawing out a few barbarians at a time rather than strolling right into the middle of them. This way, you aren’t overwhelmed and surrounded but can progressively wipe them out and earn steady XP as you do.


If you don’t want to risk going out and fighting, you can earn steady XP from the comfort of your base as well. All you need to do is work on any crafting station and make some new things.

Each object you craft will show a Mask XP amount you receive from making it (which, in turn, will also increase your Awareness Strength). You can see this by hovering over the object and looking at the bottom of its info box. You’ll want to make items that give you the most XP you can get.

However, even if you don’t have the materials to make high XP items, you can still just grind out something that you have a lot of. For example, I have an endless supply of trees and branches, so I’m going to keep making a bunch of Charcoal or Tree Bark. It earns me 160 Mask XP each time, but if I keep it up, my level will keep increasing.

As long as your base is safe, you can even queue up a bunch of items to craft on a station and leave your character there (even while you walk away from your keyboard). Press ESC to back out of the crafting menu, and keep an eye on your Awareness Strength meter at the bottom of the screen.

Building bigger items, like additional crafting stations, will earn you more XP. So look through your crafting recipes and find something that earns you more XP to speed up the process. Keep up the diligent work, and you’ll boost your levels in no time.

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