The Blacksmith and Charcoal Kiln in Enshrouded
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How to Make and Use Wood Acid in Enshrouded

Here's how to get Wood Acid to dump into your Nitrate and Tin Bar efforts in Enshrouded.

There are so many gathered materials and crafted components, that it can be hard to keep track of what you have. I’ve run into this issue when making Nitrate. In this guide, I’ll cover how to make Wood Acid in Enshrouded.

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How to Get Wood Acid and How to Use It in Enshrouded

My first encounter with Wood Acid in Enshrouded was when crafting the Shroud Survival Flask at the Alchemist. This crafting component has more uses than that, including those hard-to-make Tin Bars and Nitrate for high-end crafting. But how do you make Wood Acid? Using one of the workstations offered to you by the Blacksmith.

The Wood Acid recipe in Enshrouded
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The Blacksmith is the first NPC you unlock and bring to your base. Once you’ve done that, build the Charcoal Kiln he offers as a recipe, then interact with the Kiln to craft 10 Wood Acid for x15 Wood Logs and x3 Dirt.

We’re all rolling in Wood Logs, but if you haven’t been building or farming, you might not know how to get Dirt. To get Dirt, hit the ground with your pickaxe for a few units per hit. Just be careful not to hit rocks: you get Stone instead.

Crafting Recipes That Use Wood Acid in Enshrouded

There are only a handful of items that use Wood Acid in their recipes, but they’re important ones. Tin Bars and Nitrate both requiring this ingredient is a little painful, but it’s a good reason to keep your Charcoal Kiln stocked with Wood and Dirt. At a glance, these are the recipes that use Wood Acid in Enshrouded:

  • Shroud Survival Flask
    • x1 Charcoal
    • x1 Shroud Liquid
    • x1 Wood Acid
  • Heal Channel
    • x2 Aureolin Flower
    • x5 Bonemeal
    • x1 Wood Acid
  • Flare Arrow
    • x10 Flint Arrow
    • x1 Wood Acid
    • x2 Resin
  • Tin Bars
    • x20 Tin Ore
    • x5 Charcoal
    • x1 Wood Acid
  • Antiseptic
    • x1 Wood Acid
    • x1 Aloe
  • Nitrate
    • x5 Sand
    • x5 Salt
    • x1 Wood Acid
    • x1 Alchemical Base

And that’s it for how to make Wood Acid and how to use it in Enshrouded, though you and I both know you’re probably trying to make Nitrate. Check out some of our other guides on the game here on GameSkinny, such as how to make a farm bed or how to renovate pre-constructed structures.

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