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How to Make Cream of Vegetable Soup in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to expand Link's cookbook by learning how to make Cream of Vegetable Soup in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has an abundance of recipes players can learn to make, and Cream of Vegetable Soup is among the easier options. Cream of Vegetable Soup requires only three ingredients to make, but you can usually find them at General Shops in villages and purchase them for a few Rupees. The traveling salesman can sometimes sell at least one of the ingredients as well.

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How to Make Cream of Vegetable Soup in TotK

  • Cream of Vegetable Soup can use any vegetable.
  • Pumpkins and Carrots create the Veggie Cream Soup variation.
  • The bonus effect will be the same as the effect from the chosen vegetable.
  • Using a Hearty Radish as the vegetable gives temporary Hearts.

The recipe for Veggie Cream Soup is straightforward. Combine Fresh Milk, Rock Salt, and any vegetable.

Where to Get Cream of Vegetable Soup Ingredients

While all these ingredients can be purchased at General Shops in locations such as Hateno Village, Kakariko Village, and Lookout Landing, Rock Salt and vegetables can be found from foraging in Hyrule.

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Rock Salt can be found by breaking Ore Deposits, which will replenish with every Blood Moon. This is how I ended up with Rock Salt already in my inventory to use for Cream of Vegetable Soup.

For Fresh Milk, I bought some from the vendor in Lookout Landing and some from the traveling salesman who pulls a wagon around.

For vegetables, I already had Hearty Radishes and Stambulbs that I gathered while roaming Hyrule.

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The bonus effect depends on the vegetable, such as using Hearty Radishes to get temporary Hearts while Stambulbs boost Stamina.

Select your ingredients from your inventory when next to a cooking pot and get ready to give yourself a chef’s kiss for creating another delicious meal, this time a hearty helping of Cream of Vegetable Soup. For more Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guides, we have topics like how to do Misko’s Cave of Chests Quest or where to find Farosh.

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