Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Misko’s Cave of Chests Quest Walkthrough

A dog really is a treasure hunter's best friend. Here's how to complete the Misko's Cave of Chests quest in TotK.

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You’re going to be sifting through a lot of junk to find the real treasure in the Misko’s Cave of Chests quest in Tears of the Kingdom. To find the right treasure chest, you’ll have to gain the trust of man’s best friend. It’s worth all the effort, though, with the penultimate reward of Misko’s treasure being Ember Trousers.

How to Do the Misko’s Cave of Chests Quest

The basic steps for completing Misko’s Cave of Chests in TotK are as follows:

  • Go to Cephla Lake Cave in Eldin Canyon.
  • Talk to Domidak and Prissen.
  • Gain the trust of a dog from the stable nearby.
  • Follow the dog into the cave to find the right chest.

How to Find Misko’s Treasure Chest

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First, you’ll need to go to Cephla Lake Cave in Eldin Canyon. Near this cave filled with chests, you’ll find treasure-hunting brothers Domidak and Prissen sitting near the entrance, exhausted from opening nothing bud dud chests. Of course, it’s your job to help them.

To find Misko’s treasure, you’ll have to make use of the dog near the tent in the area. If you go toward Foothill Stable that’s just a bit further south, you’ll meet a lady who’s training three dogs. Talk to her, and she’ll give you some tips about how to become friends with dogs.

How to Befriend Dogs

The only way to befriend a dog in Tears of the Kingdom is to give them some attention and food. I usually start my interactions by staring at them and eventually, the dog will glow with a small burst of affection, much like horses. Dogs will mostly ignore or distrust you at first, so it’s important to stay around them and pay attention to them. Sometimes they’ll chase their tail, and you can then run in circles with them, which I found works to build trust.

While interacting with the dog, give it up to four pieces of food to seal the deal. I gave my pup three pieces of uncooked meat before it trusted me, but giving a dog anything from apples to gourmet meat generally works. After eating, the dog will jump up excitedly and have a bigger burst of affection with a higher-pitched sound cue signifying it’s your friend.

Follow the Dog Friend to Misko’s Treasure

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Now that you’ve befriended the pup, it will waltz toward the cave. Just follow along and keep pace with it as it leads you deeper in the cave to the treasure. True to Domidak and Prissen’s word, the innermost part of the cave is filled with chests. However, the dog guide will lead you right to the correct chest. (If you’re curious about the other chests like I was, I’ll save you the trouble. It turns out the other chests hold one green rupee each, so you’re not missing out on much.)

Upon opening the chest, you’ll get the Ember Trousers and a cutscene with the brothers. They’ll find a bottle that leads to more of Misko’s treasure and starts another quest.

And that’s how to complete Misko’s Cave of Chests quest in TotK. For more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, head over to our Tears of the Kingdom guides page.

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