How to Make Fired Bricks in Enshrouded

You'll need to make Fired Bricks for the Blacksmith Smelter. Find out how here.

Enshrouded character standing in front of Clay.
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Your base and Flame Altar provide buffs in Enshrouded, so gaining access to stronger building materials isn’t an important progression mechanic. Fired Bricks are one of the first materials you want because they’re needed for the Blacksmith’s Smelter. Here’s how to make them.

How to Craft Fired Brick in Enshrouded

To craft Fired Brick in Enshrouded, craft them at the Kiln using x1 Lump of Clay and x1 Wood Log. After you rescue the Blacksmith survivor, you must craft a Smelter. However, the workstation requires x50 Fired Bricks, and the material takes a few extra steps to secure. You get the Fired Brick recipe after unlocking the Carpenter and craft a Kiln for x50 Stone, x10 Lump of Clay, x10 Metal Scraps, x2 Twigs).

Enshrouded Kiln recipe detailed at the Carpenter.
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How to Find the Carpenter in Enshrouded

The Carpenter is found in the southeast portion of the Enshrouded map, east of the Longkeep starting area. If you still need to get the survivor, I found the best way to get to the Carpenter Vault is from the Low Meadows Ancient Spire or the Hunter Vault. From there, you can easily make your way towards the entrance. I marked the map below with a simple path for your convenience.

Enshrouded Carpenter map guide
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Once you’ve got the Carpenter, you can place him at your base to gain access to the Kiln and craft some Fired Bricks from Clay. Clay is easily found in the Revelwood, and we’ve got a full guide detailing how to get some here.

That’s how to get Fired Bricks in Enshrouded. We’ve got plenty more guides for you to discover at our hub here, like how to make Dried Fur and how to farm Salt.

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