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How to Make Glass in Enshrouded

Glass is crafted item and decorative resource in Enshrouded.

As a late-game resource, Glass makes a great decorative block for building, as well as other decor items. However, as you might expect, getting its recipe isn’t easy, and making it isn’t clear. Here’s how to make glass in Enshrouded.

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How to Craft Glass in Enshrouded

To make Glass in Enshrouded, put x30 Sand and x5 Charcoal in the Smelter. It takes five minutes to make x10 Glass.

Since this is a crafter recipe, you must have the ingredients in your backpack to drag over. They can’t be in a magic chest. I typically pull out a x200 stack of Sand and a couple of max stacks of Charcoal and stick them in the smelter. I collect all of the Glass that’s made the next time I return to base.

Glass crafting recipe at the Smelter.
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How to Get the Glass Recipe in Enshrouded

To unlock the crafting recipes for Glass, you must mine Sand in the Kindlewastes, loot Sand, or loot Glass Shards. I unlocked both recipes when I gathered a Glass Shard off a wagon in the Shroud.

How to Craft Glass Out of Glass Shards

When you obtain Glass Shards, you unlock the recipe to make 1 unit of Glass. Available from the Carpenter, you need x5 Glass Shards and x1 Charcoal to fuse them together. These are typically found as loot in ruins or farm plots. Unlike the Smelter Glass recipe, you can have the pieces in magic storage or your inventory when you speak with the Carpenter.

Glass recipe using Glass Shards.
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What is Glass Used for in Enshrouded?

So what’s Glass used for in Enshrouded? Glass is primarily used in building as a decor item, but it’s also required to craft certain Spells and Crafters.

  • Eternal Acid Bite
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Athanor
  • Laboratory
  • Palm Wood Banquet Table
  • Chandelier
  • Lantern
  • Wall Lantern
  • Iron Frame Window
  • Crystal Platter
  • Crystal Cup
  • Crystal Jug
  • Crystal Bowl

That’s how to make Glass in Enshrouded, as well as its uses. For more crafting recipes, resource locations, and builds, check out our guides hub.

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