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How to Get and Use a Magic Chest in Enshrouded

Here's how to unlock and make Magic Chests in Enshrouded to save time on crafting.

Having to move crafting materials from your chest to your inventory is one of the more tedious parts of the game, but you won’t have to do as much inventory management with a Magic Chest. In this guide, I’ll go over how to get a Magic Chest in Enshrouded, along with what it does.

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How to Unlock and Use a Magic Chest in Enshrouded

Inventory management is a large part of your first several hours in Enshrouded. The Small Chest and Tiny Chest don’t offer much storage space. Even more frustrating is that you must manually search through them to find crafting materials, but a Magic Chest alleviates at least that part of the burden.

What do Magic Chests do in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded Magic Chests come in multiple sizes, but their basic function is the same: they allow crafting using components inside the chest, from anywhere within the base they’re placed. This is great for any manual crafting task, though you must still add materials to automated workstations.

How to Unlock and Make Magic Chests in Enshrouded

You receive a quest to find the Carpenter relatively early in the game, after you’ve invited the Blacksmith, Hunter, and Alchemist to one of your Flame Altars. The Carpenter Vault is found at the southeast portion of the current map and requires a trip through the Shroud from the starting area.

A map of the Carpenter Vault location in Enshrouded
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After you’ve freed the Carpenter from the vault, you can place him at one of your bases using the Summoning Staff. One of the first crafting recipes he has available is the Small Magic Chest, which boasts 24 storage slots. In my case, I was able to craft my first Small Magic Chest as soon as I placed the NPC. It only requires a Small Chest and Shroud Core to craft.

The Small Magic Chest crafting recipe in Enshrouded
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After you craft your first Small Magic Chest in Enshrouded, he’ll have the recipe to craft a Medium Magic Chest. The Medium Magic Chest recipe might require Flame Level 2, considering its components. I can’t confirm from my gameplay, as it was unlocked right away after I’d spent time leveling my base prior. The Medium Magic Chest requires a Medium Chest, x2 Shroud Cores, and x2 Goo to craft.

How to Use Magic Chests in Enshrouded

Once you place a Small Magic Chest, you can immediately reap the benefits. Materials placed inside a Magic Chest can be used in any manual crafting efforts across the base, as if they were in your own inventory. For example, I put all of my Metal Scraps into a Magic Chest, then go to the Blacksmith to make Nails. He can pull from the chest, rather than my inventory. You can see how this works in the screenshot below, as he has 56 Metal Scraps to work with, while I have none in my inventory.

The Blacksmith crafting menu with a Magic Chest at base in Enshrouded
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Unfortunately, this mechanic doesn’t impact passive workstations like the Forge, Grinding Stones, or Seedbeds. For passive workstations, you still have to manually add materials to their inventory. So while these chests are great for overall crafting, they’re not a catch-all solution to your inventory management woes.

With that, you now know how to unlock and make Magic Chests in Enshrouded. Once you start using these storage chests, there’s no going back to storing crafting materials in regular chests. Check out more of our guides on the game here on GameSkinny, such as how to make Wood Acid for Nitrate or how to farm using farm beds.

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