How To Make Money In ArcheAge With Hereafter Stones

An inexpensive way of making money using the AH.

An inexpensive way of making money using the AH.

A way that I’ve found to make money in ArcheAge is to craft Hereafter Stones, the reason this is viable is due to the fact that everyone uses them. You’ve most likely used them as well.

They are used as a form of transport in the way of teleportation which makes them both useful and profitable.

To Craft:

Hereafter Stone

To craft them you need 3 Stone Brick and a Blue Salt Wedge, which make 3 Hereafter Stones.

Stone Brick

You can make Stone Brick by crafting them from 3 Raw Stone which can be obtain through mining iron veins, for great place to do the mining you can check out my other guide.

Blue Salt Wedge

A Blue Salt Wedge can be bought for 5 Silver each from any general merchant.


You can begin when you have your Raw Stone and Blue Salt Wedges, go to any Stonemason workbench.

When the menu comes up go to Stone Brick drop down, and begin crafting your Stone Bricks.

After that just look down the list and select Hereafter Stones, then you can craft to your heart’s content. Well, till you run out of labor or materials.

The basic maths go as such:

For every 3 Hereafter Stone you make (they come in 3s) you need 3 Stone Brick, and to make those you need 3 Raw Stone. So if you minded 300 Raw Stone that would make 100 Stone Bricks, which you would then craft into 99 Hereafter Stones. 

Depending on your server the price will vary, now on my server 25 Hereafter Stones will fetch me around 16 Gold so this can be highly profitable.


The negative side to this method is both the time and labor needed to do this.

To make 3 Hereafter Stone you need 50 labor including the crafting of the Stone Bricks this goes up to 65 labor. If we take that into account to make my previous example of making 99 Hereafter Stones that would be a total of 2150 labor! And that’s not including the labor for mining.

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