ArcheAge | Low-lvl Nuian Mining Spots | Solzreed Peninsula

A road map for a great low lvl mining area.

Finding good mining spots on Archeage can be hard, sure you will spot a vein here and there but for a while I failed to find many good routes for mining. So this is just a small guide for my most recent and favorite area/route for mining for a profit or specific ores.

Both Nuian and Elves can easily reach Solzreed Peninsula by just following the quest lines, however I belive elves have to go slightly out of the quest line. Even so there is no danger other than some possible PvE but just don't get aggro and you'll be fine ^_^

The route is around Blackreath Keep and is easy to reach for a Nuian character, however could involve a bit more effort on a elves part (Yet to make an elf).

Blackreath Keep:

Time: 5~8 Mins

Veins: 15~17 (May of missed 1 or 2)

As you can see there are plenty of veins in the area and although they look spread out, with a mount its quick to get from one to the next. I've done a full rotation of this in 5 Mins taking my time, the best thing I like about this area is the fact that after one rotation the starting vein is normally respawned so you can complete another round almost immediately.


At the start~

After 10mins~

After 20mins~

After 30mins~

This is just a small example of the amount of loot you can get from this route, obviously it depends on how lucky you are in terms of Fortuna veins and what you gain from them.

I hope I helped at least a few people out there and I also hope to be bringing out more guides so please share if this helped and follow for more ^_^


Published Dec. 30th 2014

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