number crafting recipe in infinite craft
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How to Make Numbers in Infinite Craft

Here's the fastest way to make numbers in Infinite Craft.

You can make numbers and letters in Infinite Craft, and even add and subtract them. That said, making numbers is slightly confusing and less straightforward than some seemingly difficult combinations like Sonic. Here’s how to make Numbers in Infinite Craft.

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How to Craft Numbers in Infinite Craft

Making numbers involves making the concept of 9/11, and then fiddling with it to make the number 1. Then, you can make all the other numbers. Here’s the fastest and simplest way to make numbers that I found while playing Infinite Craft. Remember, this is the only way to come up with this solution, though this is one of the game’s more illogical solutions.

number crafting recipe in infinite craft
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  • Water + Water = Lake.
  • Earth + Fire = Lava.
  • Water + Lava = Stone.
  • Lake + Stone = Lighthouse.
  • Stone + Stone = Boulder.
  • Boulder + Lighthouse = Statue of Liberty.
  • Statue of Liberty + Water = New York.
  • New York + Fire = 9/11.
  • 9/11 + 9/11 = 9/22.
  • 9/22 + 9/22 = 18/44.
  • 18/44 + Fire = 22 (I guess that the logic is that Fire divides numbers).
  • 22 + 9/22 = 1.

How to Make Different Numbers in Infinite Craft

From here on out, you can use 1 to make different numbers. Combining numbers works as addition, so:

  • 1 + 1 = 2.
  • 2 + 1 = 3.
  • 22 and 22 = 44.

However, I’ve noticed some number combinations are still a little buggy. For example, you can’t make 4 by adding 3 + 1, but you can make it by mixing 2 + 2. If you’re trying to make a specific number, I recommend trying multiple addition combinations if one of them doesn’t work. Furthermore, I found that Fire behaves strangely when mixed with some numbers. Sometimes, it subtracts by 2, and other times, it’s simply a random addition.

That’s how to make numbers in Infinite Craft. For more Infinite Craft recipes, check out how to make various monsters, Fortnite, or Pirate.

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