Here's how to open your inventory in Ooblets, so you can see all of your stuff, frenzy, ooblets, badges, and more.

How to Open and Expand Your Inventory in Ooblets

Here's how to open your inventory in Ooblets, so you can see all of your stuff, frenzy, ooblets, badges, and more.

OK. It’s easy to overlook things in a tutorial or simply forget them in the flurry of learning a new game and its mechanics. It happens. Ooblets is cute AF and full of character, so it’s understandable if you were a little bit distracted early on and have forgotten how to open your inventory. 

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Your inventory is found in the Grumboire, a tome full of useful information about ooblets, recipes, badges, friends (frenz), and more. 

To open your inventory in Ooblets, simply press: 

  • “Tab” on PC 
  • “Y” on Xbox One
  • “X” on Switch

Technically, the above inputs open your Grumboire. However, your inventory is the first thing that pops up; it’s under the red “STUFF!” tab. Your equipped items are found in the top row, and everything else in your inventory is found below. 

You’ll also see how many Gummies you have (in the top right corner), as well as how many Ooblet Club items you have to the left of that. 

How to Get the Grumboire in Ooblets

Standing on a brick pathway speaking to Rugnolia by the Town Hall in Ooblets.

Getting the Grumboire is super easy. In fact, you may already have it. 

When you arrive in Badgetown at the beginning of the game, you’ll first speak with Mayor Tinstle. Afterward, you’ll be tasked with speaking to eight of the townsfolk. To get the Grumboire, speak with Rugnolia

Leave the dock and go up and left. You’ll quickly come to the town square, a green patch with a fountain. Above that is the Town Hall. Rugnolia should be standing to the left, near a stack of cardboard boxes. If not, she’s walking around close by. 

She’s wearing an orange jacket, a bright teal dress, and bright teal shoes. She’s hard to miss. If all else fails, go to the top right-hand corner of the map to find her in the Learnery (a white and yellow trailer that looks like an Airstream). 

Expanding Your Inventory

When you start out, you’ll have 15 slots in your Grumboire/inventory, as well as space in the suitcase in your house. As you grow your farm and collect more resources, clothing items, cooking ingredients, and more, you’ll need more space. 

To expand your carrying capacity inventory, you’ll need to buy backpack upgrades from Churles’ clothing shop, Kibbonbon. It’s the purple and teal building with the cat sign above the door to the right of Meed’s Seeds and Plenny’s. Each bag can be found on the left side of the store, just beneath Churles, and it takes a few days for new bags to appear once you’ve purchased one. 

  • Basic Bum Bag (250 Gummies): +5 slots.
  • Kinda Normal Backpack (350 Gummies): +7 slots.
  • Teal Backpack (500 Gummies): +10 slots.
  • Mega Rucksack (600 Gummies): +15 slots.

Note that you needn’t wear the newest bag you’ve purchased to increase your inventory space. Each upgrade applies no matter which you’re wearing. 

Chests can also be purchased from Manatwee for 100 Gummies a piece. The furniture store is to the right of Kibbonbon. Common Treasure Chests are to the left of Sprin, just as you enter Manatwee. Each provides 16 more storage slots. 

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