How to Change Your Hairstyle in Ooblets

Here's how you can change your hairstyle, facial hairstyle, and hair color in Ooblets.

Just as you may want to change clothes in Ooblets, there's a good chance you may want to change your hairstyle, too. When you start the game, there aren't many hairstyles to choose from, and if you want a beard or other facial hair on your character, you're initially out of luck. 

However, once you get off the boat at the Badgetown and complete a few Tinstle Tasks, you'll have the ability to change all of that.  

Snups barbershop is easily found by looking for the shop with giant scissors above the door.

Of course, you'll need gummies to pay for your new hairdo and/or face-do, but you can quickly get those by doing a few simple tasks. Head to the Learnery in the far upper right corner of Badgetown, and scan your first ooblet in Rugnolia's scanner. She'll give you 50 gummies, more than enough to change your hairstyle. 

Next, head back down to the main part of town and hang a left at the bottom of the stairs. You're looking for Snups, the barbershop. It's just to the right of Cuddlecups Cafe. You'll notice it by the large pair of pink and purple scissors above the door.  

Once inside Snups, you'll notice three chairs to the right. 

A catalog of various hairstyles in Snups, with the player portrait to the left.

Sit in the first chair to change your hairstyle. Right now, since Ooblets is in early access, there are only 18 hairstyles to choose from. Each one costs 16 gummies

Sit in the middle chair if you want to add facial hair to your character. Currently, there are nine facial hairstyles to choose from. Each style costs 15 gummies

Sit it the third chair to change your hair color (not your facial hair color; that's not an option yet it seems, even though there's a tab for it). There are currently 17 different hair colors, and it costs 20 gummies for each color. 

To change your hairstyle, facial hairstyle, or hair color, all you have to do is select the option you want and confirm it. The changes will be applied automatically. However, you'll have to pay to go back to your previous style, so make sure to take advantage of the preview before dishing out gummies. 

You may also see Snups' barber, Padrig standing in the middle of the shop, though you may not. Padrig doesn't have to be in the shop for you to change hairstyles, etc.

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That's all you need to know about how to change your hairstyle in Ooblets. For more on the eccentric farm sim, be sure to check the links above or head over to our dedicated Ooblets guides page! Hopefully, more styles will be added in the future so that we can all hone in our perfect look! 

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Published Jul. 24th 2020

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