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How to Open Frozen Chests in South Park: Snow Day

Don't miss out on these chests just because they're frozen in ice! Blast through using a nearby cannon.

You may be able to get Platinum Points from challenges, but TP and Dark Matter are locked away in chests in South Park: Snow Day. Not all chests are easy to obtain, especially the ones frozen in ice, but we have all the details on how to open frozen chests for you right here!

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How to Get the Chests Frozen in Ice in South Park: Snow Day

Some areas of chapter missions have chests that are frozen in ice. Unfortunately, your weapons won’t be able to blast through them. To open frozen chests, you’ll need to use a cannon.

A cannon made out of a trashcan and other junk parts with the message displayed saying, "Needs Cannonball."
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If you notice frozen chests in the area, there will always be a cannon somewhere close as well. These makeshift cannons are put together from a trashcan and other junk, but they do the trick of breaking open the ice. To use the cannon, you need some ‘cannonballs’ to load into it.

Where to Find Cannonballs

Cannonballs are actually bright-colored bowling balls that you need to put into the cannon. They hide around the area in random spots but are always in close proximity to the cannon.

Marbled bowling ball stuck in the snow in front of the player, and the makeshift cannon just a few feet away in the distance
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Look around the area for any marbled balls poking out of the snow. There are the same number of balls as ice blocks so that you can break each one. You can only use a ball one time to break the ice. Once you break a block, the ball disappears, and you’ll have to search for more to use. Check the ice for extra balls as well; I found one within the ice alongside a chest. I had to break that ice first to retrieve it.

Once you find a bowling ball, approach it and press F on the PC or D-Pad Down on the console to pick it up. This will take up the use of your hands, so be careful doing it around enemies that will attack you because you won’t be able to fight back while you’re holding it. If you’re playing with friends, you can have them defend you while you’re carrying them or help track them down easier.

You can press F/D-Pad Down to drop it if you need to. When able, carry it over to the cannon and press the same interaction button to load it. Now you’re ready to shoot away.

How to Shoot the Cannons

Once you have a cannonball loaded into the cannon, you can use it to break the ice and retrieve your treasure. Hop onto the cannon by pressing the interaction button again (F or D-Pad Down).

A character aiming the cannon pointed directly at a block of ice in the distance, the path line and blue circle lined up with the ice.
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When you control the cannon, you can aim it left, right, or up and down by moving your mouse or using your movement control (left stick). The cannon’s path is displayed by the line pointing out from the end of the cannon, and the end destination is the blue circle. You want to aim the blue circle directly on the ice. Then, press M1 or RT to fire a cannonball forward. Use the interaction button to exit the cannon and head over to retrieve your chest!

What can you get from Frozen Chests?

Chests frozen in ice can give the same sort of loot that normal chests do, usually TP, Dark Matter, or, if you’re lucky, upgrade cards. Purple chests are more likely to carry better rarity items for you, like rarer upgrade cards or greater quantities of Dark Matter. They aren’t required to loot, so don’t worry if you miss one or two or don’t feel like taking the time to break all the frozen ones. However, since these points and upgrades are essential to power up your character, you’ll want to get as many chests as possible.

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