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How to Open the Safe in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami

Struggling with the safe puzzle? Learn waht the safe's combination is in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami.

Figuring out the safe’s combination is one of the longest, hardest puzzles in Duck Detective. That’s not saying much, considering that this is only one of two puzzles in the game. Either way, it’s easy to see how someone could get stuck on this section. Here’s how to open the safe in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami.

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How to Crack the Safe in Duck Detective The Secret Salami

The safe from Duck Detective: The Secret Salami
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The safe in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami is hidden behind a painting in Manfred the branch manager’s office. You only get one hint for this puzzle: CS-OO-BD. Since that’s not much to go on with, here are a couple more hints to help you.

Each of those two-letter codes refers to one number. Each is an acronym, too: three pairs of letters that spell the initials of an important concept in this public transportation office. And those are all letters: the OO in the center is not made of zeros, no matter how much it looks like it.

Still having problems? Here’s a bigger hint: look for those acronyms in the world. You should have already most of them. One is on a corkboard, and the other is on a computer screen. Once you find them, think about what those words mean in that context. Once you figure that out, you just have to count. One last tip: the number refers to people.

What is the Code to the Safe in Duck Detective?

The code for the safe in Manfred’s office is 2-1-4. The 2 refers to CS, 1 refers to OO, and 4 refers to BD.

But why? What do those letters mean? In short, the letters are the initials of some of the roles in the BearBus office, while the numbers refer to how many employees share that role. C.S. means Customer Support, which explains why the first number is two: there are two Customer Support employees at BearBus, Laura and Margaret.

O.O. means Operation Office, which has only one employee, Freddy, so the second number is one. Finally, B.D. means Bus Driver. A loose piece of paper near Freddy’s desk tells us that there are four drivers at the company, so the corresponding number must be four.

Once you open the safe, you’ll find the keys necessary to access the server room. This will give you the clues necessary to start putting the mystery together. And if you’re still stuck even after opening the safe in Duck Detective, check out our Duck Detective guide hub for more guides.

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