How to Parry in Zenless Zone Zero
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How to Parry in Zenless Zone Zero

Essential combat knowledge for ZZZ!

Zenless Zone Zero, like many RPG games, has its own combat mechanics that a player should be familiar with before dwelling deeper into the game. Parrying is an important skill to learn to prevail in battle. In this article, I’ll show you how you can parry in Zenless Zone Zero.

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How to Perform a Perfect Assist in Zenless Zone Zero

A Parry (or Perfect Assist in some cases) can be done by pressing the Switch Agent button. By default, it’s the Space key on your keyboard if you’re playing on PC or the RB button if you’re playing on Xbox (or with a controller on PC). Timing is key to making a successful Parry (Perfect Assist) because the window for you to perform it successfully is about half a second long.

You will notice the moment when parrying is possible when an opponent’s attack starts glowing like a big crosshair across your entire screen (pictured below). If successful, a Parry (Perfect Assist) animation will occur, and you will deflect the attack successfully.

It is important to note: Only striking and slashing certain types of characters can perform a Parry. Characters that have guns as weapons will instead perform a Perfect Assist for you. Also, red attacks cannot be parried. Only a yellow attack can be parried. You can dodge the Red attacks, though.

Parry in ZZZ
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How to Dodge in Zenless Zone Zero

Dodging works very similar to parrying. You just need to press a different button! On PC, it’s the Right Mouse Button by default. If timed right, your character will dodge the attack. Please be mindful that you cannot rapidly press the button to force the correct timing (a penalty will happen). You need to press it just once.

That’s all about the parrying and dodging in Zenless Zone Zero. Check out our ZZZ Hub, where you’ll find useful guides such as how to get 100 free pulls.

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