Guardians fighting in the Pale Heart in Destiny 2: The Final Shape
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How to Play with Other Players in the Pale Heart in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

The Pale Heart destination in Destiny 2: The Final Shape is mean priamrily as a solo experience, but you can play it as a multiplayer one.

The unique thing about The Final Shape campaign in Destiny 2 is that it’s a much more personal story, where, in my mind, you complete the story on your own. The activities, enemies, and tasks are mostly balanced around solo play, even after the story. But you can play with other players if you choose to, and it’s simple to do so.

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How to Play Multiplayer in the Pale Heart in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

There are actually two ways to play with other players in the Pale Heart destination: one new, one old. The old way is the same as it ever was: launch the destination that way.

If you can make a fireteam of you and two friends or select the campaign via Fireteam Finder, you can explore and complete The Final Shape campaign missions with other players. As of writing, I could not find a way to launch free roam in the Pale Heart via Fireteam Finder, meaning you’ll need to field a team personally via an LFG site, a Destiny 2 Discord server (official or via a community), or your platform friends list.

I should note that there is a third option, Saga, in Fireteam Finder that’s only unlocked by progressing the Convalescence: Budding questline for the Microcosm Exotic. Once you reach the point in that quest where you need to complete co-op campaign missions, the Sagas node in the Finder will unlock, and you can launch from there.

Other than these methods of playing in the Pale Heart with other players, there is only one other multiplayer option for Final Shape content: the Matchmade Overflow playlist you can launch from the Pale Heart Director.

Overflow is the destination activity in the Pale Heart, and you can complete all three waves solo. Indeed, like the rest of The Final Shape content sans the Raid and the occasional co-op requirements, it seems to have been balanced around playing alone. If you do want to play with randoms, either because your core fireteam is offline or you want a more chill experience (that might fail because blueberries sometimes have no idea where they’re doing), that’s the way to do it.

Speaking purely for myself, I like the Pale Heart as a more personal play space. Not having the Guardians do silly dances near vendors and NPCs or otherwise getting in the way is a welcome change. Things are less chaotic and more contemplative, which adds to the ambiance and immersion of the expansion. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but hopefully, the feeling lasts.

In any event, we’ve got more Final Shape content on the way, with ongoing coverage in our Destiny 2 guides hub, including the best weapons to use with Prismatic and the best loadouts to use in the campaign.

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