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How to Repair Gear & Structures in Soulmask

Don't let your camp and items break! Here's how to repair them back to full durability.

It’s disappointing when an item breaks in Soulmask, especially if you’re using precious materials like clay, iron, and copper that you spent time tracking down and mining. Thankfully, if your items or structures at your base get a bit damaged, there’s still a way to patch them up. Here’s how.

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Soulmask Repair Guide — How to Repair Your Base & Gear

Repairing gear and repairing structures at your base are two very different processes. However, you’ll want to keep up with both to ensure you have a functional and secure camp and efficient protective gear and weapons.

How to Repair Armor and Weapons

An item gets damaged by enemies or animals when they attack you. However, it also receives damage from falling as well. If you are killed, the items will lose even more durability. When an item breaks, you cannot equip it until it is repaired.

There are two different ways you can go about repairing armor and weapons: through your inventory or at a Repair Bench. Both will require the right materials to repair them. However, with a Repair Bench, you can place them down for your tribesmen to repair them for you.

You can only repair items that are damaged. You can check the durability of the item by hovering over it and looking at the bottom of the item info, or by looking at the white line underneath the item.

You’ll notice some items say, “cannot be repaired,” and that’s usually the case if you don’t have the crafting recipe for them unlocked. If you pick up gear from enemy Barbarians and equip it, you won’t always be able to repair it since you don’t have the recipe for yourself. Keep unlocking recipes in your Knowledge & Technology to prevent this from happening.

Inventory Item Repairs

To repair items from your inventory, open your inventory and hover over the item that needs repair. It will show you exactly what materials you need.

If you have the correct materials, select the item and press F on your keyboard to repair it completely. This will restore the item’s health back up to full and remove the materials you used to repair it.

Note: The item has to say it can be repaired manually for you to repair in inventory.

Repair Table Item Repairs

You can also repair armor and weapons at a Repair Bench instead of using your inventory. A Repair Bench can be made in a Building Workshop with the following materials:

  • Plank x10.
  • Wooden Handle x15.
  • Leather Rope x5.

Repairing gear on a Repair Table is not much different than repairing items through your inventory. Instead, you’ll transfer the item from your inventory into the ‘Items to repair’ slots of the table.

While the item is in the repair slots, you can hover over the item (just like you did in your own inventory) to see what materials you need to repair it. Add the required materials to the Repair Bench’s Inventory and then press Spacebar to repair. You can select the specific item you want to focus on repairing, or don’t select any of them to start repairing any of the items in the slots. Once they’re repaired, they will transfer to the Repair Bench’s Inventory for you to pick up.

How to Assign A Tribesman to the Repair Table

The Repair Table is convenient because you can throw any of your broken gear in there and then have a Tribesman take care of repairing them. All you need to do is drag the items into the “Items to repair” slots and then, rather than press repair, press P to “Appoint a caretaker.

Once you press the appoint option, a list of your Tribesmen will appear, and you can press and hold on to the one you want to assign to the job. They will use any available materials you have at your base to repair them. If you assign them harvesting jobs, you can even have them go out and fetch the materials as well.

How to Repair Camp Structures

Repairing structures at your camp is a bit different than gear. You won’t be repairing them through your inventory or at a crafting station. Instead, you’ll need a specific tool — a Construction Hammer.

There are two different types of Construction Hammers you can make, and here’s how:

Construction HammerMaterialsCrafting
Wooden Construction HammerHardwood Handle x2
Hardwood x4
Bronze Construction HammerHardwood Handle x2
Bronze Ingot x10
Craftsman’s Bench

Once you have a hammer, make sure it’s equipped through your inventory or your shortcut slots. Now, you can repair any structures around your camp. To see if a structure needs repair, hover over it so you can see its durability. If the amount is less than full, the structure can be repaired (usually, it will tell you right underneath the durability if repairs are available).

If there are repairs to be done, it will also reveal all the necessary materials for the repairs directly below the durability as well. To repair the item, make sure you have the materials in your inventory, then approach the item with your hammer and press M1 on it. Your character will start repairing it with the hammer, and it will go back to full health.

How to Assign Tribesmen to Camp Repairs

Just like assigning Tribesmen to the Repair Bench, you can make them repair structures around camp as well. All you need to do is open their Work menu, add a new job, and select the Camp Upkeep option.

You can adjust the HP% you want the structures to be before the Tribesman repairs them. However, you’ll also need to give them a construction hammer for them to be able to keep up with it. Camp Upkeep will also include keeping your bonfire lit, so it’s very handy to assign to someone.

Now that you know all about how to repair your items and camp, you won’t have to worry about anything getting broken. Keep your items shiny and new and you’ll be ready for anything.

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