Spider-Man 2: How to Repair Suits

Here's how to fix up your costumes if they've been damaged in combat.

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Spider-Man 2 introduces a new mechanic to the series in suit damage. As you take hits in combat, your costume will get torn, scuffed, burned, and ripped. It’s a cool visual addition to the game, but what if you want to get rid of that disheveled look? Here’s how to repair suits in Spider-Man 2.

Repairing Outfits in Spider-Man 2, Explained

Suits can get damaged over time if you don’t pull off flawless combos while in combat. Initially, small tears and scuffs develop, but the more enemy attacks that land, the more noticeable things become. Eventually, your costume develops large tears and gaping holes. These blemishes can last quite a while — dozens of minutes, I’ve found, when out exploring the city.

However, there are ways to mend the costumes worn by Peter and Miles. Here’s what works to repair suits in Spider-Man 2:

  • Manually saving the game, going to the title screen, and resuming the game.
  • Entering a story mission or scripted sidequest.
  • Filling your Focus Bar and healing during combat.
  • Completing a Prowler Stash (this happened to me once).
  • Dying.
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It also seems that outfits will stitch themselves back together randomly after a certain amount of time. I haven’t been able to pin this down while playing just yet, but I know it can happen. For example, after purposefully taking damage and looking for another crime to test how healing can repair suits, my costume fixed itself sometime while I was web-swinging around New York.

Further, any time you start a mission that has a cinematic sequence, your outfit will repair itself. This happens when you both start and complete a quest. The only time suit damage remains is when you’re out exploring the world, finding Marko’s Memories, completing Photo Ops, etc.

Actions That Won’t Repair Suits in Spider-Man 2

That’s how to repair suits in Spider-Man 2. It’s odd that changing outfits, colors, and characters doesn’t mend the damage done to Spidey’s costumes. It’s especially strange that swapping between Peter and Miles just transfers the rips and tears. I wouldn’t mind seeing that fixed in a future patch. Until then, check out our other guides for the latest in the web-slinging franchise.

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