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How to Repair the Boiler in Alone in the Dark

Get another disc piece by repairing the boiler in Alone in the Dark.

Like the Clock Talisman in the Gallery, the Boiler also has a Talisman disc on it that takes you to a new location. However, it’s broken and missing two pieces. The boiler itself is also broken, blowing out steam. To get one disc piece, you need to know how to repair the boiler in Alone in the Dark.

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Alone in the Dark: How to Repair the Boiler in the Cellars

Although you come across the boiler early, you can’t repair it until after the Oil Rig section. This is because you need a valve from the Wine Cellar, and the Cellar Key is in the Drawing Room. Without the Palette Knife that you get upon your return to Decerto, you can’t remove the wedge that lets you into the Drawing Room. The Cellar Key is on the table in the Drawing Room.

Getting the Valve from the Wine Cellar

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After you unlock the Wine Cellar using the Cellar Key, go toward the shelves and pick up the small lever sitting in them. Use this on the electric box that’s across from the electrified pool of water and pull it to turn off the electricity. In the darkness, move past the puddle, and grab the valve on the other side of it. From here, return to the Boiler Room and attach the valve to the boiler. This lets you turn off the stream of steam so you can pass through without taking damage.

The builder is a simple repair, but it’s locked behind the Oil Rig section, preventing you from completing it until you return to Decerto again and gather the necessary tools. For more guides, check out our Alone in the Dark hub to learn things like whether you should play as Emily or Edward first when starting the game.

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