Farming bosses offers a more casual way to get endgame gear than endless Expeditions. Find out how to do it, and repeat quests, in this guide.

How to Repeat Quests and Farm Bosses in Outriders

Farming bosses offers a more casual way to get endgame gear than endless Expeditions. Find out how to do it, and repeat quests, in this guide.

There are many ways to farm in Outriders, whether you’re looking to grind XP to max level or repeat boss fights for titanium, loot, or because you just enjoyed a specific mission or sidequest. Though endgame grinding is repetitive and mostly uninteresting, there’s (thankfully) a way to farm for gear and mats outside of Expeditions.

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Outriders offers the neat ability to repeat any mission you’ve previously completed as many times as you please. You can even fight any of the game’s bosses infinitely, provided you don’t mind short delays between encounters. This guide covers the methods to repeat missions and farm bosses for XP and gear., Though you can get some legendary weapons and armor to drop from bosses, there are other farming methods we cover here

How to Repeat Quests in Outriders

Every Outriders mission and sidequest has a specific marker on your map, and every one of them will grey out once you’ve completed them, except the main campaign missions. That means if you want to farm a particular sidequest forever, all you need to do is return to the quest-giving NPC and select the “Repeat Quest” option after going through a bit of dialog. It’s that simple.

You’ll be able to return to any area you previously completed on the Outriders‘ map during and after the campaign, so you can do any side mission you like. You’ll need to take advantage of another mechanic to fight bosses again.

The same repeatable method works for Bounty and Hunt quests from the vendors in Trench Town, but there is a twist. To replay Hunt, Historian, and Bounty missions, you need to complete all 10 of them across the map.

Then, return to vendors in Trench Town and Rift Town, turn in every completed quest one by one, and then restart the whole thing from scratch. If you turn in everything at once, you’ll receive all 10 rewards at once, plus a random piece of Legendary gear. Keep in mind, though, that rewards are level-locked, so if you do turn them all in at once, you may get weapons and armor at lower levels than you’d like. 

How to Farm Bosses in Outriders

One of the neatest features in Outriders is the ability to reload a story point from the main lobby. Using it reloads any checkpoint in the game, including any bosses, letting you replay that section and kill everything in it again.

The process isn’t as efficient as simply reloading a boss arena in Borderlands, sadly.

To farm bosses efficiently in Outriders, exit to the lobby and click on the “Select Story Point” box above the “Start Game” box. From there, you’ll be able to choose any story point you’ve previously completed, broken down across individual level checkpoints.

Note: Whenever you set a story point, the game says it will overwrite your save data to replay previous mission areas, but don’t worry. You can go back to the beginning and replay whatever you’d like, then set yourself back to the ending, and you’ll retain all your loot and experience. The only difference is, you won’t have access to certain Camp NPCs, as they haven’t yet joined your party.

With that in mind, it’s up to you whether you want to use this method of farming or not. Just make sure the game saves your progress so you don’t lose any gear. 

Boss checkpoints aren’t always noted in the quest steps, so we’ve listed them below:

  • Utargak, “Rescue Your Crew”: The boss drops no loot, but has a high-rarity box following the encounter.
  • Rift Town, “Confront the Altered”: The boss drops no loot but has a guaranteed loot chest after the fight.
  • Eagle Peaks, “Investigate the Volcano’s Peak”: The boss drops loot and titanium.
  • Forest Enclave, “Track down the Chrysaloid”: The boss drops loot and titanium
  • The Caravel, “Defeat Yagak”: The boss drops no loot, but has a high-rarity box following the encounter.

Once you’ve killed the boss, head back to the lobby and set yourself to the same story point again. The boss will respawn, and you can kill it again and again and again. We have a lot more Outriders guides over here, so be sure to check those out if you’re looking for more tips on People Can Fly’s loot-shooter. 

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