Outriders: How to Save Your Game

Here's how to tell if and when Outriders saves your game so you (hopefully) don't lose any progression, weapons, or armor.

If you're wondering how to save in Outriders, you're not alone. The new third-person RPG shooter from Square Enix and People Can Fly isn't exactly clear about when it's saving your progress. When you try to quit the game, it will ask you if you're sure and tell you that any unsaved progress will be lost. OK, but how do you know if it saves or not? 

Outriders doesn't have a system (like Subnautica, for example) that tells you how much time has passed since your last save. Nor is there a way to check save file data for time stamps. 

There's also no way to save manually. Outriders saves your game and progress automatically at various points, including: 

  • After entering a new area
  • After fast traveling
  • After claiming an explorer flag/banner
  • After completing quests/side quests
  • After beating a boss/completing a combat encounter
  • After mining a resource node

So how do you know when Outriders is saving your game? A yellow, spinning circle will appear in the lower right corner of the screen, just above your weapons.

When this appears, you can rest easy knowing that all of the loot you just picked up or the quests you just completed have been logged. 

It's worth noting that Outriders does not save files locally. As an always-online game, all of your progress, including all of your epic armor sets and legendary weapons, is saved server-side. Even if it has a single-player component, there is no offline mode available in Outriders

Since there is no way to manually save progress in Outriders, it makes internet connection errors and server issues scary prospects, since losing gear and progression is never fun. 

That's all you need to know about saving and autosaving in Outriders. Just make sure the gold circle save icon appears in the bottom right of the screen, and you're good to go. If you've just picked up the game, consider checking out our best starter solo class guide. And stay tuned for more tips and help articles in the coming days. 

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Published Apr. 16th 2021

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