How to Rocket Ride in Fortnite

Battle Royale mode just got a lot wackier as you can now rocket surf your way into enemy territory!

Battle Royale mode just got a lot wackier as you can now rocket surf your way into enemy territory!

The seemingly undefeatable Fortnite is many things to many people. It’s a PvE game all about unlocking new abilities, it’s a stuffed goat-whacking simulator, and it’s also a 100-player, PvP, frenzied combat game.

The list keeps growing longer as new game modes and exploits arrive. The Sneaky Silencer limited-time mode is now here for instance, but not everyone wants to spend their time hiding out in a bush and sniping quietly from the edges of the storm.

Some of you maniacs prefer to hop on a live rocket as it’s propelled across the map and takes out somebody’s makeshift stronghold! If you are that sort of madman who lives for the thrill of high-speed explosions, then Fortnite rocket riding is tailor-made for you.

How to Rocket Surf in Fortnite

This totally nuts new mechanic was first introduced with the pumpkin rockets in the Halloween update, but it appears to still be working now as we move deep into winter.

First up, you are going to need a buddy, so that means teaming up with one of those vicious 99 other players who are all keen on riddling your body full of lead. Next, one of you needs to actually find a rocket launcher, so hit up all those standard loot locations to look for hidden chests.

Now that you’re ready, I recommend you build a single set of stairs (or at most two sets if you are going up above a cliff), and then stand on top of the stairs near the edge. Have your friend fire the rocket at an angle slightly upwards so that the rocket will pass just by your feet.

If you want to go straight forward instead of at an upward trajectory, have your buddy build stairs as well so that he can fire straight forward just slightly below your feet.

You have to time it right with a little practice, but if you stop off just after your buddy fires, you should land on the rocket and take quite a ride.

 Lining up a rocket ride shot

What’s the Point in Fortnite Rocket Riding?

Other than being silly before you explode, why on earth would you want to do this? For starters, if you are wielding a sniper rifle, it can be easy to pick people off behind their barricades as you pass by, and the kicker is that they can’t easily hit you back and probably won’t even see you coming.

In the early game, if someone is holed up at Loot Lake and sniping anyone who comes out onto the water, this can be an unexpected way to gain the upper hand and grab all that loot they helpfully grabbed for you.

Obviously, you want to jump off before the rocket hits anything or you will take full explosion damage. Depending on your trajectory, you might die anyway, but if you angle it correctly to get over an enemy team’s fortifications, you can drop in where they least expect and rack up some kills before they can respond.

Hitting the ground running and popping a grenade or using an assault rifle of course keeps up the frenzy, but if you want to stay alive longer, I recommend popping up a wall or staircase as soon as you land so you can have some cover.

 Riding a pumpkin rocket through Anarchy Acres

Have you successfully gone Fortnite rocket surfing yet, and what’s the craziest kill you and your friends have gotten while using this insane rocket exploit? Let us know in the comments section, and special thanks go out to YouTuber SXVSN for the screenshots above.

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