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How to Save Captured Tribesmen in Soulmask

Don't let your Tribesmen get sacrificed!

After you recruit Tribesmen in Soulmask, you can have them do a lot of different tasks for you, including assisting you out in the wilderness. However, having your Tribesmen venture into enemy territory is dangerous, and the enemies can take them captive. Here’s how you can save them!

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How to Free Captured Tribesmen in Soulmask

The Barbarians can capture your Tribesmen at any location, whether you’re at one of their camps or not. They can even capture Tribesmen while they are completing one of their job tasks a bit further out from camp.

You’ll know when a Tribesman is in captivity when you look at your map and notice a symbol stating, “X has been captured!” At this point, you’ll have a limited amount of time to track them down and save them before they are permanently killed by sacrifice.

Where to Find Captured Tribesmen

To figure out where the captive Tribesman is, wait a few minutes and then look at your map again. On it, you’ll see the same icon as before, but this time, it will say, “X will be sacrificed after...” with a countdown.

You’ll have a limited amount of time, usually an hour, to go after them before they die forever. These locations aren’t usually the same place the enemy takes them captive unless they are already at a camp or barracks. If the enemy takes them at a camp, they will remain there as a captive until you come for them.

Then, head to that exact marked location to find them and attempt to set them free. You’ll find them in two different spots: in a cage or tied to an altar. You’ll need to break the gate to the cage or the altar to get them out. Most of the time, they will be tied to the Sacrificial Altar, which is at the camp or barrack’s center location, where the leader is.

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I would recommend using a hammer or a pickaxe to break the altar more quickly. Any other weapon will take a much longer time to break, and if you’re going for speed, you’ll want to be the most efficient that you can.

Rescuing downed Tribesmen in Soulmask
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If your Tribesman is downed, you can rescue them by holding E on his downed body. Then, ensure you deploy him again to have him follow you to safety, or else they may run into more trouble.

How to Prevent Tribesmen From Being Captured

The best way to protect Tribesmen from captivity is to build defenses around your camp, give them weapons and gear to protect themselves, or build a Statue of God. The Statue of God can repel any invaders in the area and give your Tribesmen buffs to protect them.

Here’s how to make it on a Building Workshop:

  • Thick Rope x10.
  • Stone x38.
  • Beast Bone x10.
  • Leather x10.

Place the statue at your base, and your Tribesmen will automatically reap the benefits. Plus, it looks pretty awesome.

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