The guide to every character death and different endings in Until Dawn!

How to save or kill everyone on Until dawn

The guide to every character death and different endings in Until Dawn!
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Until Dawn is the new horror game that everyone has been talking about. In the game, you play as several people who a trapped in the mountains with a monster. Based on your choices throughout the game will determine which characters will live. All of them can die, live, or you could have a combination of some who died and others that lived. Today I’ll be showing you how to save or kill each character.

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Matt can die as early as episode 6. If you chose to kill one of the deer with your axe the rest of the deer will push him to the edge of the cliff. Matt will fall but grab hold of a ledge, if you do all of the quick time events, Matt will make it out alive, if not Matt will fall and hit his head on a rock thus ending his life.

If Matt doesn’t die at the cliff there is another time he can die. Once the radio tower falls into the mine you have a choice to save Emily or not. The save Emily option will show up twice, if you try to save her the second time Matt will fall and search for Emily. Matt will then get attacked by a Wendigo. If you did not pick up the flare gun or chose not to use it, Matt will be grabbed and get stabbed by a hook and will die. 

The last way Matt can is if he runs while he and Jess are trying to get out of the mines. Once Jess dies you will have to do a don’t move action and if you fail the Wendigo will smash Matt’s face in.


Emily can die in the mines in episode 8 if you fail quick time events and get her eyes gouged out. Many characters can die from failing quick time events, but if you want Emily to die this is not the way to go, there is a way to kill Emily and get a trophy.

If you have Emily escape and she is bitten by the Wendigo you will later be in the safe room with Mike and some others. Mike will see Emily’s bite and you will have the choice to shoot or spare Emily. If you shoot Emily you will get a trophy.


There are few ways that Chris can die and most of them are tied to one event. When Chris goes to get Josh with they see the stranger, the Wendigo will attack and kill the stranger (you cannot prevent this). If you fail to shoot the Wendigo multiple times over the course of Chris running back to the cabin, Chris will get his head ripped off. 

Earlier in the game if you choose to shoot Ashley. If you try to shoot her you will earn a trophy and if Chris makes it to the cabin the door will be locked and Ashley will refuse to open it, leading Chris to his death.


In Episode 9 you can choose if Ashely stays with the group or go alone to investigate a noise. If Ashley leaves the group, follows the voice, and opens the locked trap door, a Wendigo will jump out and rip her head off. If you do this, you can lead Chris down the same path and kill him the exact same way.


When the Wendigo takes Jess away you will play as Mike and do some quick time events as you run after her. If you fail the quick time events by the time you get to Jess she will be dead.

If you do all the events she will still be alive and the cage will drop her down into the mines. Later towards the end of the game you will play as Jess (or Matt who is followed by Jess if Matt is still alive). As you look for the way out you will hear the Wendigo coming. If you choose to hide Jess will live and make it out, if you run Jess will get her jaw ripped out by the Wendigo because she is too hurt to run fast.

Sam and Mike

At the end of the game, Sam and Mike will be in the cabin with two Wendigo. No matter what your choices are, they will always end up here. You can kill Sam right away if you fail the don’t move action the second time in the cabin.

If Same dies then Mike will die no matter what. Without Sam to flip the switch in the gas filled cabin, Mike will sacrifice himself and use his lighter while he is still in the cabin.

Also, if a few of the characters are alive (like Emily and Ashley) and you have  Sam run to the switch and not save Mike, everyone else in the cabin will burn to death.


Josh will not be seen in the end of the game but you can choose if he lives or not. If you find Hannah’s diary that she wrote when she was trapped in the mine next to Beth’s body, Sam and Mike will tell Josh. If you don’t read it, when Mike and Josh cross the water the Wendigo will come out of the water and crush Josh’s skull. If you read it, the Wendigo will carry Josh away and he will survive and…well I’ll leave it to you to see what happens to him

It’s important to note that you can get different trophies. There is one for having everyone live, everyone die, having all the girls survive, and having all the boys survive. There is also a trophy if you keep Jess alive as well.

Now that you know what to do it’ time to go get those different endings!

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