How to Send and Share Your Monopoly Go Link

Share your link to get rewards in Monopoly Go!

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Monopoly isn’t fun by yourself. Sure you can take money from other people on the game. But why not take it from your closest friends and family? In this guide, we’ll show you how to send and share your Monopoly Go link. 

Why You Should Share Your Monopoly Go Link 

Sending and Sharing your Monopoly Go link can give you special rewards. If you invite enough people you’ll gain extra dice and even new Monopoly pieces that you can use on your board. This means the more friends you get to join the game, the more goodies you’ll get, so send it to everyone you know. 

How to Send and Share Your Monopoly Go Link

To send and share your link, you’ll want to click on the “FRIENDS” tab at the bottom right of the screen. In the Friends and Family tab, you’ll click on “Add Friends,” and from there, you have three options to invite people: 

  • Contacts: You can add your contacts to the game so you can send your Monopoly Go Link through a text message. This will also grant you 30 free dice. 
  • Facebook: Like many mobile games, you can connect your Facebook account to share your link in a post or a Personal Message.
  • Invite: This last option will copy your personal Monopoly Go link, and you can post it or send it to anyone you’d like. 

You’ll only get your rewards when someone downloads the game through your link. So make sure they use it! You won’t get any rewards for just sending the link. Once they’ve downloaded the game you can start playing against each other. 

That’s how to send and share your Monopoly Go link. For more tips and tricks, such as how to check server status and how to get free dice rolls, check out our dedicated guides hub right here. 

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