How to Share Games on the Nintendo Switch

A new feature for the Nintendo Switch allows players to finally share their games.

A new feature for the Nintendo Switch allows players to finally share their games.

On September 18, Nintendo joined Microsoft and Sony by offering an online service for the Switch console.

Nintendo Switch Online allows users to make cloud saves, play classic NES games, and of course, compete with others online. Along with the rollout of the online service, there was one feature that snuck its way onto the console via a firmware update: game sharing.

The ability to share games on the Nintendo Switch is not much different than it is on the other consoles and Steam. All that’s required is a Nintendo account.

How to share games on the Nintendo Switch

Let’s go over how to share games on your Switch step by step.

  • Step 1: Link a Nintendo account to a Nintendo Switch console.
  • Step 2: Open the Nintendo eShop on the Switch and choose the Nintendo account. 
  • Step 3: Once the account is selected, this console will be considered the primary Switch console for the account. 
  • Step 4: On a second Nintendo Switch, create a new profile.
  • Step 5: Link the new profile to the same Nintendo account from the primary Nintendo console.
  • Step 6: Once linked, the second Nintendo Switch, or non-primary console, will have access to the Nintendo accounts games.

When finished, the same Nintendo account will be available on two Nintendo Switches although one is considered the primary console. Games purchased on the main Nintendo account can now be played on both consoles.

Rules and Limitations

As the case with using the same account on multiple consoles, there are some rules that come with having one account on two consoles.

To start, the non-primary console will have to access the internet in order to download the game and play downloadable content. Downloaded games can then be played offline.

If the primary console attempts to play the same game as the non-primary console, the game on the non-primary console will be paused allowing the primary console access to the game.

If both consoles are playing different games then the games will not be paused

How to play the same game at the same time

If two people want to share the one Nintendo account to play the same game at the same time, they can either keep both Switches offline after the initial check is done with the game.

Alternatively, a second profile can be used on the primary console to play the same game.

Since this is a brand new feature for the Switch, do not be surprised if Nintendo makes some changes in the future of how game sharing works. Check back here on GameSkinny for any changes to Nintendo Switch game sharing!

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