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How to Solve the Medicine Bottle Puzzle in Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark makes you find the missing medicine bottle and organize them in this puzzle.

After you return from your Oil Rig adventure, it’s time to put together the disc on the boiler. To do this, you need to solve two more puzzles, both of which require several steps to complete. Here’s how to solve the medicine bottle puzzle in Alone in the Dark.

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Alone in the Dark: Medicine Bottle Puzzle Solution

When you reach Cassandra’s room, you’ll find a lock on the bureau similar to the lock in Perosi’s room. This time, you need two more medicine bottles that belong to the incomplete set in her room. Once you have those missing bottles, you’ll organize them to reveal the Zodiac symbols for that lock.

Locating the Medicine Bottles

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The first bottle is actually in Cassandra’s room. Check the table in the middle of the room and pick it up. There’s also a note saying that Lottie has the other medicine bottle. You might remember finding the locked medicine box in Lottie’s room at the beginning of the game. But at that time, you didn’t have the key to it. If you look at the notes in Lottie’s room, however, you’ll know that Grace has the key, and she tends to hang out in the Grand Parlor.

Go to the second floor and enter the Mezzanine through the wedged door at the top of the stair hall. Use the stairs in the corner of the Mezzanine to get to the Grand Parlor. The medicine box key is sitting on the piano. Grab it, then return to Lottie’s room (across from the Piazza entrance) and open the box. Now that you have both bottles, return to Cassandra’s room.

Solving the Puzzle

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After adding the missing medicine bottles, rotate and organize them so the rot makes a serpentine line. This gives you the numbers 2-5-7 on the labels. By plugging these into Perosi’s journal, you get the code: Pisces-Gemini-Leo. Enter these symbols into the lock, opening it for a disc fragment.

And that’s how to solve the medicine bottle puzzle in Alone in the Dark. I recommend unlocking the doors from the Mezzanine to the hallway with Perosi’s room so you can navigate Decerto easier. Check out our guide hub for more content like the actors behind the game.

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